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Four Days in Amsterdam



When planning a trip to Amsterdam, it is a good idea to have some definitive plans for what you will do while you are there. Here are some ideas for taking in all you can of Amsterdam in just three full days.

Amsterdam Bed and Breakfasts

A good way to start experiencing the culture of Amsterdam is to book a reservation at one of their most popularly reviewed bed and breakfasts. There are Bed and Breakfasts scattered all over the city. Some of them are close to Central Station, the canals, shopping, restaurants, as well as art museums. Bed and breakfasts offer homey hospitality in a far way location and can be a great place to return to after a day of sightseeing, shopping, and clubbing.

Museums in Amsterdam

The House of Anne Frank - This is where Anne Frank hid during the Holocaust. Here, you will be amazed at how little space there was for hiding and be able to see some of the very furniture and items belonging to this brave young girl.

Van Gogh museum – Immerse yourself in the life of Van Gogh by viewing his artistic masterpieces and sketches, learning about his childhood and life as a painter, and exploring what life was like in the time of Van Gogh.

Rijksmuseum – Though in a perpetual state of renovation at this time, a small part of this 17th century Dutch art museum remains open to the public. You can view paintings created by famous Dutch artists and admire the craftsmanship of centuries old dollhouses and Delftware pottery.

The Canals of Amsterdam

Aside from walking and biking throughout the city, you can explore much of it by boat. You can rent a boat or hire someone to take you on a guided tour. With so many canals and sights to see along the way, a canal ride is likely to last all day.

Shop for a Day

Nieuwedijk-Kalverstraat – This bustling pedestrian shopping corridor hosts several pleasant little shops selling clothing, music and gifts. The Nieuwedijk is near Central Station and several other streets and squares where you will find even more shops and fantastic places to dine on Dutch cuisine.

Entertainment Venues in Amsterdam

Amsterdam lights up the night with music, dance, and gambling venues. Some of the best areas for clubbing include Leidseplein square, Rembrandtplein square, as well as the notorious red light district. However, nightclubs are not the only means of entertainment. Set aside at least one evening to enjoy the theatre, ballet, or take in a concert.

Plan your trip for the end of May into June if you wish to attend Amsterdam’s famous Holland Festival. Events held during this festival require separate tickets and the most popular ones sell out fast. To be sure of a place, reserve your event tickets ahead of time.

Though Amsterdam’s people are friendly, one should be cautious at night and when entering certain areas of town. As with any other tourist destination, an increase in tourism brings with it an increase in petty crime. Be careful with your belongings and go with a friend.



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