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Best Places to Visit When in Amsterdam



If you plan to visit Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a great city to visit. Situated in the heart of the country, this picturesque city is sure to impress you with its romantic cobblestone streets and quaint canals.

Amsterdam presents a lot of advantages for the US traveler since almost everybody here speaks English. Also, there are plenty of places to see, so here are some great ideas on where to go when you visit Amsterdam.

The Anne Frank museum is largely appreciated by tourists and has to be on a list of places to visit. Situated in the house Anne Frank used to hide during World Word II, the place still reminds visitors of the times when the building served as a hiding place. Locals consider this home museum to be very important for their history, and they will quickly guide you towards it if you ask for directions. Once you step in, you will be impressed by the quietness of the museum, and by how things seemed to have stopped, frozen in time.

If you want to take a trip outside Amsterdam, a great place to visit is Madurodam. The little town is situated within a short train ride from the capital of the Netherlands and offers plenty of entertainment. The main attraction is the porcelain replica (in miniature, of course) of Amsterdam. Word has it that the replica is so true to the source of inspiration that it can serve as a travel guide to Amsterdam on its own. Even more, you pay nothing to see the porcelain city. The reason why there is such an interesting tourist attraction here is represented by the many porcelain factories located in the area that can also be visited by tourists.

You should not miss visiting the Port of Amsterdam either. Here, you can spend a pleasant day, watching the boats go by, or taking a water trip in a gondola or a water taxi. Canal tours are preferred by tourists, as they allow them to visit Amsterdam by boat.

Some warnings are in order when visiting Amsterdam though. Be aware that not all the stores are open during the regular hours and you will not find stores open 24 hours a day. However, if you want to experience local cuisine, such as Rijsttafel, you will always find a little restaurant serving it. The appeal of this type of cuisine is that you can choose from among so many types of foods that having a meal will look like nothing short of an adventure.

One more thing makes local cuisine worthy of tourists’ praise. It is decently priced, which means you will not spend a small fortune on food. You will also be amazed by the locals’ eagerness to help, as the Dutch are known to be very polite and friendly towards tourists.



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