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Amalgam of Science and Technology in NEMO Science Center



Planning a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands any time in the future? Vacations can be quite hectic and overwhelming if there is so much to see, so little time and lack of guidance. In the end you don't always feel rested, which is what a vacation is for!

Amsterdam can be quite confusing if you are planning to visit all the museums there. Amsterdam is renowned for its famous cultural and art centers and you'll find a museum dedicated to some historical aspect or the other. However, there is one museum I would strongly suggest you visit. That is the NEMO science center; it’s the perfect blend of science and technology.

Despite the fact that it is a huge four story building and the hub of knowledge in Amsterdam, tourists tend to miss it if they have not already planned to visit it. While it's not something you see among the normal various tourist spots, it is a place that shouldn't be missed. It has an amazing exterior architecture of an enormous ship that, when looked at from the top, gives the impression of a ship submerged in water. Its top floor gives you a mesmerizing look of the entire city of Amsterdam.

NEMO is Netherlands biggest science and technology center and the whole center is devised to merge and impart scientific and technological knowledge in a playful manner. Geared towards children, the exciting interactive exhibitions held there are a huge hit amongst the visitors. Listed below are some of the various exhibits.

NEMO’s “Wonder Lab” lets you try out being a scientist and carry out exciting experiments in biology, physics and chemistry.

“Why the World Works” is a very educative and interactive exhibition that explores the mysteries of the world and how various processes function. They go into great detail on various physical phenomena like light, magnetism and electricity.

“Journey through the mind” takes you for an educative walk through the human mind and offers insights on the complicated physiological and cognitive processes of the mind. They have a capsule of exciting and interactive games that help you understand how the human brain feels, understands, reacts, memorizes and learns, and sheds light on the interaction between humans.

“Code name DNA” is a genetic haven and explains the entire process of genetics and heredity. Children find it very exciting to know why they resemble their parents and how they would look when they are older. This exhibition is very exciting and unfolds some complicated scientific secrets of the heritage we carry in our genes.

“Water Worlds” is all about the technology behind healthy, pure and clean drinking water. It explains in depth the processes that water undergoes before it is ready to be consumed by us.

“Amazing constructions” gives valuable insights about the construction and architectural world.

“Studio bits & Co” is a digital playground and has state-of-art games, animations, videos, multimedia, digital applications, etc. that can be experimented with.

“Teen facts” focuses on explaining to adolescent children about body changes and the role hormones play in their body. It is very informative and useful.

NEMO is the place to go with your entire family to gain interesting facts and knowledge about the world you live in.



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