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Amsterdam - A Little Great City

While Amsterdam is a relatively small city, it is among the greatest cities of the of the world. The city boasts of humble beginnings, as it was meant to be a fishing village when it was established in the twelfth century. Am...

Amalgam of Science and Technology in NEMO Science Center

Planning a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands any time in the future? Vacations can be quite hectic and overwhelming if there is so much to see, so little time and lack of guidance. In the end you don't always feel rested, which ...

Four Days in Amsterdam

When planning a trip to Amsterdam, it is a good idea to have some definitive plans for what you will do while you are there. Here are some ideas for taking in all you can of Amsterdam in just three full days. Amsterdam Bed ...

Best Places to Visit When in Amsterdam

If you plan to visit Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a great city to visit. Situated in the heart of the country, this picturesque city is sure to impress you with its romantic cobblestone streets and quaint canals. Ams...