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Must See Sites in Venice, Italy



There are so many things to see in the Italian city of Venice, you would have to spend an entire summer to experience it all. Vivid squares, canals, and quaint cobblestone streets are just a few of Venice attractions that might convince you to spend your vacation in this part of Italy. Here are a few must-see sites you are sure to enjoy.

A labyrinth-like network of canals spreads all over Venice, and water traffic is something normal for locals and visitors alike. The Grand Canal can be visited on boat, on a water bus, or by gondola, which is the most romantic way to see Venice. While visiting Venice this way, you will be able to enjoy the views of almost two hundred palazzos, situated on both shores, stores and other attractions, as well as the most famous bridges, like Ponte Degli Scalzi, and Rialto.

Undoubtedly, one must see place in Venice is represented by the Doge Palace. During its turbulent history, the palace served as the home of the ruling families, then as a courthouse. In the end, it served as a prison. The landmark is well-known and appreciated for its Gothic architecture, as well as its medieval columns and statues. While there, you must not miss the red marble arch, under which the ruler used to make appearances to announce death sentences and hold public executions. If you want to experience everything the Doge Palace has to offer, purchase a ticket to Itinerari Segreti. This guided tour allows access to the Bridge of Sighs along with less visited areas of the Doge Palace.

Byzantine architecture is reflected by St. Mark’s Basilica. The basilica is most famous for the artwork displayed there, including 40,000 gold mosaics placed all over the walls and the ceiling of the basilica. Just outside, you will discover Panetta -- a place where people like to gather and unwind. If you want to enjoy a unique view of the entire plaza, take the elevator up to St. Mark’s Campanile. Feeding the pigeons is a favorite pastime of tourists who visit this area. The vendors selling seeds carry on a family tradition by passing their license from generation to generation.

The Rialto market is among locals and tourists. Here, produce and fish grown by farmers and fishermen in the area are sold in the open air market. Travelers truly enjoy this part of Venice. While in the area, take advantage of fine wine tasting at one or more of the many wine bars located in Rialto market.

The glass making industry was an important part of the city’s historic activities. At the end of the 13th century, a fire threatened the city of Venice. This prompted the authorities to move all the glass workshops to the Island of Murano. If you want to explore this destination, you can get there by vaporetto or water taxi. Museo Vetraio is the best place to enjoy a glass blowing demonstration.



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