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Important Milan Sites

There are several great sites that you can visit during your tour of Milan. Located in Northern Italy, Milan is a city that has inspired some of the greatest artists in the world. Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo di Vinci p...

Must-See Sites in Florence

The ancient city of Florence has a rich history that is closely associated with famous people like Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous Renaissance artist. Florence is referred to as the heart of the Renaissance movement and is amon...

Must See Sites in Venice, Italy

There are so many things to see in the Italian city of Venice, you would have to spend an entire summer to experience it all. Vivid squares, canals, and quaint cobblestone streets are just a few of Venice attractions that mig...

Discover the Fascinating “Carnival of Venice”

Venice is the undisputed jewel in the crown of Italy. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its magnificence has always attracted tourists from around the globe. Beautifully located between the mouth of the Pi...

Visiting Rome? Here Are some Things to Do

You will never run out of things to do and experience while you are in Rome. In fact, there is a popular saying that one lifetime does not give enough opportunity to take in the whole of Rome! Still, though your visit may las...

Milan’s Greatest Points: History, Fashion, and Cuisine

Traveling to Milan can be quite a unique experience, as this city is like no other in Europe, and maybe throughout the world. Within Italy Milan is the second largest city, but as far as wealth is concerned it is number o...

Shopping Advice When Traveling to Rome: Testaccio Market

There are many great places to experience when in Rome, but one especially cultural place is located in the Testaccio area, where open air markets are all the rage. The Testaccio Market is preferred by locals, because of the...

Marvelous Places to Visit in Florence

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy and is the town of Florence. Surrounded by one of the greatest rural landscape in the world and home to many historical landmarks, Florence attracts millions of tourists ea...

A Family Tour of Venice

Located in northern Italy, the historic romance of Venice Italy draws thousands of couples every tourist season, but Venice is not only for romance. Venice attractions are not limited to enjoyment by lovers. There are many si...

Rome Hotels and Attractions

When in Rome, do as the Romans do: enjoy! Known for living life to the fullest, the Italian people know how to show tourists a good time. Rome is popular for historic architecture, art museums and fantastic dining. Rome has s...