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Experience the Wonders of Budapest



Budapest can arguably be claimed as the hub of everything modern in Hungary, but it’s roots go far back into history as illustrated by the many museums, churches and other architectural wonders. Referred to as the Pearl of the Danube or the Paris of the East, Budapest is not only beautiful, it offers the height of entertainment and relaxation.

Historical surroundings are in sharp contrast to the many entertainment venues offered in Budapest. You can take in a show at one of the many theaters, attend a concert, go dancing all night long at one of the hottest clubs in Hungary, take a guided tour of the city, relax in one of the fabulous spas, dine on Hungarian gastronomical wonders, and swim at one of their many public pools.

Budapest is open to tourists at all times of the year. Ski, skate, shop, eat, and enjoy spa baths in the winter and take a boat cruise in the summer. You can hire a car to get around town, stroll through the busy streets of Budapest, or simply relax in one of their four star hotels.

Danube River Cruises

A charming and exciting way to see the city is to take a cruise down the Danube River. There are a few different cruise companies from which to choose, offering one hour cruises, a lunch cruise, or even dinner and entertainment while passengers take in the lights of Budapest. Take a ride with the Duna Bella, the Danube legend, or one of the other hospitable tours. Evening cruises include drinks, music and an immersion into the culture of Hungary with folk music, operetta, and dancing. Many of the Danube cruises stay open year-round. After taking a boat cruise, enjoy the rest of the town on a walking tour or reserve a spot with Absolute walking tours, including a guided walk and a one hour boat tour. Tickets for children 15 years and younger are half price when accompanied by an adult.

Thermal Spas

The thermal springs around Budapest were one of the incentives for Roman colonization centuries ago. The Turkish baths were constructed in the fifteen and sixteen hundreds. Many of these are still standing and being used today. Don’t think a soak at a spa means you must lay back and relax. In the summer, there are “magic bath” discos available for the younger generation.

Cultural Venues

Budapest is home to dozens of museums and at the top of the list are the art galleries. From the Palace of Art to the photography-based Ernst museum, you will find artistic exhibitions that inspire awe and creativity.

Looking for something a little different? Visit the Invisible Exhibition at the Lathatatlan. Here, you will experience the wonders without the sense of sight. Use your sense of touch, hearing and smell to navigate the exhibits and experience life without sight. This interactive exhibit toured throughout Japan, Germany and the United States.

Aside from the above-mentioned sights of Budapest, there are historical landmarks and beautiful parks and gardens to enjoy throughout your stay. A trip to Budapest promises the ultimate in relaxation and adventure.



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