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Though the history o f Berlin is tainted with war and oppression, modern Berlin is a far cry from the Berlin we hear about in our history books. Aside from the historical and cultural museums, luxury accommodations, world-class restaurants, and celebratory events held in this German city, the architectural experience is reason enough to plan a vacation destination to the impressive Berlin.

See It from the Sky

Start your architectural tour of Berlin at the top of the Fernsehturm. This 1,207 foot television tower lets visitors take in a wide-spread view of the city. If you have not decided on a plan to tour Berlin, the view from the Fernsehturm will inspire a long list of ideas.

Take it to City Hall

The Rotes Bathaus is the official quarters of the Berlin city senate. This four-winged majestic building contains inner courtyards and is built of red bricks, as the name suggests. The Rotes Bathaus is not only impressive for its size, design and attractive exterior, the Neptunbrunnen fountain sits at the front, beckoning locals and tourists alike. This fountain was created by Reinhold Begas in 1891. A transplant from the Berlin City Palace, the Neptunbrunnen features Poseidon at the center, surrounded by four women.

Enter the Brandenburg Gate

Standing proudly in the western side of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate survives as an historical and vivid testament to the proud history of Berlin. Magnificent in and of itself, you can stand in front of it and imagine the city surrounded by a series of such gates. Your visit to the Brandenburg Gate will be one you will never forget.

Experience Artistic Renovation

The East Side Gallery is an outdoor art gallery filled with the artworks of true artists from around the world, but that is not the significance of the show. This art gallery is an exhibition of philosophy, culture, grief, and rebirth painted directly on the remains of the Berlin Wall. There is a sense of sadness to this place, but with it comes an inspirational impression of hope. When visiting Berlin, you simply must visit the East Side Gallery.

Explore a Century of History

The Reichstag building is an expansive reminder of the establishment of the German Reich in 1871, the year the idea of Reichstag was developed. Construction on the building did not begin for ten more years. Completed in 1894, added to over the years, and restored after a fire in 1933, the high-renaissance design with towering porticos and columns, glass and steel dome, and grand entrance stairs is an architectural and visual dream. Carved above the doors by Peter Behrens is the 1916 inscription “Dem Deutschen volk” – a tribute to the nation of Germany.

Though much of the old Berlin has been destroyed by war and conflict, there are some remainders of the historical magnificence of Deutschland. Along with it are the modern uprisings of a changed nation whose enduring strength and heritage spreads out for all to see. Whether you are an architectural enthusiast or no, a trip to Berlin will be well worth your time.



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