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Discovering Munich

Munich is well-known for its Beer Festival (Oktoberfest) that is held every year from the end of September to the start of October. However, this is just one of the things that this German city is known for. There are a host ...

Exciting Tourist Activities in Munich

The Bavarian city of Munich is one of the most prominent cities of Germany, and its history and reputation are recommendations in themselves. You may have already heard of Oktoberfest, and about the great music performers. t...

Relish the Famous Berlin Christmas Markets

Berlin is one of the world’s most renowned cities and has a lot of historical relevance. The city has seen some very tumultuous times over the years and has had its beauty marred by the various wars fought on its soil. Berlin...

Experience a Berlin Vacation

Though the history o f Berlin is tainted with war and oppression, modern Berlin is a far cry from the Berlin we hear about in our history books. Aside from the historical and cultural museums, luxury accommodations, world-cla...

Places Worth Visiting in Berlin, Germany

A city once divided by the waves of history, Berlin offers plenty of things to see. Whether you start your sightseeing trip from East Berlin or West Berlin, it does not really matter, as you will be drawn towards the most pop...

The Benefits of Staying at Berlin Hostels

If you are planning to travel to Berlin, some of the best places you should consider staying are the hostels. The Berlin hostels are an especially good choice if you would like to keep your expenses down. This, however, does ...