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European Tourist Spots: Andorra La Vella



European Tourist Spots: Andorra La Vella View large version Andorra la Vella, the capital city of Andorra, a small European country situated near the beautiful mountains of Pyrenees near France and Spain, is a great tourist spot and many people come here to spend their vacations. Most people living here make a living out of tourism, but there is also money to be made from furniture as well.

Andorra la Vella can be reached by car after you fly into the country. The airport is about three hours away from the city and is why you will need to drive there. The scenery is quite beautiful as the views of Pyrenees can be quite breathtaking.

The location also makes Andorra la Vella a great ski destination as it is quite easy to get into the mountains and reach ski resorts from this city. Even in the summer, the air is fresh and the views are amazing, which is why Andorra la Vella is such an appreciated tourist destination.

Inside the city, you will also find plenty of things to do as the place is packed with building from old times. For instance, Andorra la Vella is famous for its old churches, like Esglesia de San Esteye or the Church of Saint Andreu. Once you set foot in the city, you will need to go to Casa de la Vall. This is where you will get guided tours around the city.

One place to visit in the capital city of Andorra is the old town. The stone paved streets and the quaint houses can be explored at your own pace. You will be impressed by the Church of Saint Stephen, which is almost one millennium old, and includes Romanesque influences in its architecture. Also, here you will be able to see the oldest building in the area. It is named Santa Coloma and was erected during the 9th century.

The city is also famous for its ski mountaineers, such as Joan Diaz or Sophie Bertrand.

Another spot you will also like to visit in Andorra la Vella is Caldea, where you will find the biggest health spa in all of Europe. The facilities offered are really amazing, and they include a lagoon, many saunas, a grapefruit pool, Roman baths, bubble baths and many other things that will make your visit the most relaxing ever.

Casa de la Vall should be on your list as well. The construction was erected in the sixteenth century and used to be the residence of an important family. Nowadays, it is administered by the government.

Among the main attractions, you will find the wall paintings that decorate the reception room. Another attraction is the cupboard of the seven keys, housed by the council chamber.

The house also preserves old archives dating from the times when Charlemagne ruled the region. You can also check out the utensils in the kitchen that people that lived here used on a daily basis.

Donít forget about visiting the ski areas at Pal and Arinsal, and bring your ski equipment.



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