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The Holy City of Vatican and Its Most Important Attractions

Vatican City is among the most visited places in Europe, since it is here that the residence of the pope is located. Being the capital of Catholicism in Europe, the Holy City is also where the Apostolic Palace is situated. ...

Watching the Polar Bears Over the Ice in Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen is the ideal place if you want to embark on an amazing Arctic adventure. Here you can watch the polar bears and the iceberg floating on the waters, while spending an incredible time away from home. Svalbard, wh...

Traveling Tips for San Marino

San Marino is a little state located in the heart of Italy that claims to be the oldest republic in the entire world. Along with Vatican City and Monaco, it is one of the smallest nations in Europe. Because it is practically ...

Traveling on a Budget in Ljubljana

When you are on vacation or simply traveling, saving money is always a good idea. If you are in Ljubljana, there are a few money saving tips that can save you quite a lot. Here is how to spend less when in Ljubljana. Trave...

Great Tourist Attractions in Kiev

Ukraine is a very interesting country where tourism is starting to take off. The landscape is incredible with majestic mountains, important monuments and a cultural heritage that would make other countries pale in envy. The m...

Visiting ‘The Rock’ – Wonders of Gibraltar

Gibraltar belongs to Great Britain, and was used for a very long time as a base for the British Armed Forces. Many call it ‘The Rock’, and Gibraltar is a great tourist destination if you are ready to uncover its hidden gems. ...

The Charm and Uniqueness of Beautiful Bratislava

Bratislava is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and the capital of Slovakia. Many tourists come here, drawn by the unique charm of the city that still preserves its Old Town well. The history of the place goes back ...

The Old and New Belgrade

Recently known as being a city ravaged by war, Belgrade is now the new meaning of hope as its reconstruction is aimed at giving back the shine that this city always had. Located in the northern area of Serbia, Belgrade is als...

Interesting Spots to Visit in Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania, a small country that is inhabited by merely 3.5 million people. The country became independent in 1990 when the Soviet ruling was denounced. During the last years, the country has foc...

Valletta and Its Most Interesting Tourist Attractions

Malta is a small island and a small nation, but it has its fair share of tourist attractions. The capital city, Valletta, is where most of these attractions are located. The city itself was declared a World Heritage Site by U...