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Enjoying the Crowds on Male Island



The capital city of Maldives is called Male and is located on Male Island.

The islet on which the capital of Maldives is not very large; no less than 100,000 people live here. This is one of the most crowded places in the world, so, if you like crowds, you may like visiting Male Island on your vacation. Due to the population growth, a new island was built from the waters of the sea, called Hulhumale, in order to provide more space to live.

There are many places to see and explore on the island. One is Hukuru Miskiiy, or the Friday Mosque, which was erected during the 17th century when sultan Ibrahim Iskandar I was ruling these lands. The Arabic writings on the walls of the mosque represent the main attraction. However, you can only admire the mosque from the outside, as people who are not Muslims are not allowed inside.

The center of the city is dominated by the Independence Square. This also holds a little park that you can find by the flagpole located in the middle, holding a national flag of great dimensions. Here, political demonstrations are organized and, as a result, the place is heavily guarded by the police.

An important landmark of Male is the Islamic Center. This architectural complex houses the most important mosque in the islands of Maldives, which is an impressive building able to accommodate about five thousand people. When praying hours are finished, tourists are allowed inside but you will not be allowed to take pictures.

The remains of the Maldives National Defense Force HQ can still be spotted on the island, but it is not necessarily a tourist attraction since you will not be allowed to get too close or take pictures. This place represents the times when the islands were ruled by an iron hand.

The sultans’ palace is still standing and is one of the most important buildings on Male Island. Here you will find a beautiful park and a national museum, where you can still admire items related to the royal family. Old pictures can also be admired while you walk around the museum.

You can also visit the new island that is only a short boat ride from Male Island. The artificial island is truly a great place to be since there are many new constructions appearing every day. You can spend some great hours here, while dining in a nice restaurant or going to the beach.

The artificial beach is located on the east coast of the new island and you only need to walk a few minutes from the ferry in order to reach it. While it may not compare with the beautiful natural beaches of the Maldives, you can still have a great time here and even indulge in a little bit of surfing.



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