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Chobe National Park and Its Natural Riches



Botswana is an exotic African country, famous for being one with a stable ruling, rich minerals and amazing natural beauty. It is worth paying a trip to Botswana, as the place has not known political instability or experienced tribal wars, as it has happened in many other African countries.

The country is mostly known for its amazing natural beauties. Especially if you travel in the north part of the country, you will get the chance to see most of its amazing scenery. Here you will find the Okavango Delta, as well as the Moremi Game Reserve and the well known Chobe National Park situated on the shoreline of Chobe River. You should be aware that the means of transportation, as well as accommodations in these areas, are quite costly. The main reason for this is the scarcity of hotels in the area, as Botswana intends to protect its natural beauty.

You may be surprised to see how tranquil the area seems to be. It is obvious why there is so peaceful here, since not so many tourists venture here on their vacation. As a tourist, you will only feel compelled to keep things that way.

The Chobe National Park is famous for being the place where you can find the most numerous elephant community in all Africa. While you travel through the park, you will be offered the opportunity to see these animals from up close. The largest herds can be seen if you embark on a boat cruise. Besides elephants, you will also be able to see buffalos and many other species of animals and birds.

A boat ride on the Chobe River can be a great opportunity to see the Hippos. These animals love to relax in the water so, most of the time you won’t know whether you are looking at some stones protruding from the waters of the rivers or the well known African mammal. They may seem peaceful to you, but the truth is that they can be quite dangerous. On more than one occasion they try to attack the boats floating on the river, but you should not be scared as they are no match for the big boats used for river tours.

If you are looking for a place to stay, you can choose one of the many lodges situated on the river shore. You can book a room with stunning views of the river. These lodges also come equipped with boats, so you can take on a river cruise whenever you want. From Chobe, you can travel towards other interesting places in Africa, such as Victoria Falls. For this, you will have to cross the borders, but the trip can prove to be quite interesting and truly worth your while. The ferry is one means of transportation you may want to try, while you take a trip to Zambia, Namibia or Zimbabwe.

Don’t forget to take the camera with you, as the Chobe National Park is certainly worth taking home in pictures.



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