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Peaceful Holidays – US Virgin Islands



Peaceful Holidays – US Virgin Islands View large version The US Virgin Islands are well known as being a peaceful and quiet tourist destination; perfect for someone who wants to relax and de-stress. Saint Croix, Saint Thomas and Saint John are the name of the US Virgin Islands, where you can spend an incredible time. You can try your skill at deep sea fishing, spend a great afternoon playing golf or you can simply choose to hike around the islands. All in all, the US Virgin Islands are just the right place to be when you want a perfect holiday.

The islands are rich in secluded beaches, where you can bathe in the sun or swim in the blue waters. There are also many national parks here where you can see the local flora and fauna. If shopping is your thing, there are plenty of shops and stores.

There are also many beach activities here to choose from. You can try diving or sunbathing. The tropical forests also wait to be explored. Kayaking is for those that do not mind a little bit of physical activity. If you want to get from one beach to another, you may want to rent a car since this is the best way to travel around.

The weather here is truly wonderful, without extreme temperatures. From time to time, rain falls on the islands, but such episodes are very short. As the evenings can be a little chilly, good advice would be to pack a sweater or two. As far as your valuables are concerned, the best way to care for them is to use the safe in your hotel.

The foods served here include many West Indian specialties, like fungi, lobster, pates, salted fish, dumplings or conch. When you shop around, you will discover that the area is duty free, so you will not have to pay any taxes. There are many other things you can buy as well, like pieces of jewelry, clothes, liquor, perfumes and even consumers electronics.

If you are a US citizen, you do not required a visa to visit the US Virgin Islands. Other tourists are required to have all their documents in order. There are places where you can access the Internet and many places where you can get medical care. The currency used on the US Virgin Islands is the US dollar, and many credit cards can be used as well. If you are in need of certain financial services, you can use the local banks.

The beauty of the US Virgin Islands is unequaled, so consider them for your next vacation!



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