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Making a Stop in Basseterre



Making a Stop in Basseterre View large version Basseterre, representing the capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis, occupies an entire island located in the Caribbean. While it is not seen as a great tourist destination in itself, the island is a good stopping point when you are exploring the islands around it. The French named this city, but you will not notice any striking French influences nowadays.

However, making a stop in Basseterre will be a pleasant experience since there are a few nice restaurants and bars here. The transportation towards other destinations is readily available, as Basseterre is a good hub for the area in which it is located. You may enjoy the atmosphere here, since it seems that the music – mostly reggae – never stops on these streets.

Here are a few ideas on how to get around Basseterre and what to do. Because many cruise ships stop here, a new harbor was erected at Port Zante. If you are on one of these ships, you can get off the ship for a while and shop for some jewelry items or souvenirs. Be aware that most of them are overpriced, so you may think that refraining from splurging is the best idea for the moment.

Not far away, you will be able to spot a few cafes and the tourist office, where you can ask for more information. There is also an Internet center inside Pelican Mall. You can also use your free time for a little bit of sightseeing. The Old Treasury Building houses the Saint Christopher Heritage Society Museum, where you can see some interesting pictures and documents, as well as paintings depicting the early days of slavery. Getting to the center, named The Circus, may trigger a little bit of déjà vu. The place looks like Piccadilly in London as it was modeled after it.

Despite the French name, Basseterre feels more British since the domination of Great Britain is transparent everywhere. The islands earned their independence, and the fountain located in the main square is actually a gift from Queen Elizabeth.

Another place to visit is the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. This is just one of the most important religious places in Basseterre; Anglican Saint George is another, which was erected on a place where a French parish once stood.

Basseterre has its own charm, which can be felt by looking at the traditional houses lined up on the two sides of the streets. The ground floors are made of stone and the top floors are made of wood, earning them the name of "skirt and blouse" homes. The gingerbread fretwork is also worth a look. If you walk on Fort Street, you will be able to see how the old walls were integrated into the current constructions. Stones brought from Brimstone Hill Fortress were also used to erect other buildings in the city.



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