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Traveling to Granada with Your Family



Granada is a great place to travel to with your family. There are many things to see and do in this Nicaraguan city, especially if you are traveling with your spouse and kids. Children will surely love the idea of being taken to a colonial city, and you can show them many things that will enchant them.

One of the best assets of this destination is the fact that the city is not crowded, and even the street commerce will not be a bother if you are looking for someplace quiet. Because Granada is not very large, you don't necessarily need a car to explore it. In order to explore all that Granada has to offer, it is best to do so by foot. You can also employ the services of a horse drawn carriage and tour the town that way.

The city is also packed with museums, markets, cultural centers and other attractions. There is a zip line tour available outside the city that will take you around the jungle. The trip will also take you to the Mombacho volcano. Another exciting trip can be done by boat, as tours go around the many islands on Lake Nicaragua.

Due to the cosmopolitan atmosphere, accommodations and restaurants are quite diverse. For instance, if you are looking for formal dining, there is Tercer Ojo, an elegant restaurant situated close to Convento San Francisco. If your kids are in the mood for pizza, or you just want to grab a beer, there is Tele Pizza to go to. Euro Café is another great place in Granada, where they serve espresso and ice cream. Here they also offer access to the Internet and a bookstore.

As for accommodations, Casa San Francisco is one of the best hotels in Granada. It has the atmosphere of a boutique hotel, and features a pool and an on-site restaurant. Many people appreciate staying here as there are few guests in the hotel and the staff quickly learn all your preferences and dislikes.

Just outside Granada, you can travel to Masaya, where you can purchase some beautiful handcrafted items. The people here are well known for their artistic skills which you'll notice by simply taking a look at their merchandise. Once here, don’t forget to climb on the Masaya volcano, whose crater is still smoking.

The people here are extremely friendly, which makes for a great family vacation. Enjoy their culture, crafts, cuisine and overall atmosphere. This will be a trip to remember.



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