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Granada, between Colonial Architecture and Volcanoes



Situated in the western part of Nicaragua, Granada exhibits a particular appeal. A place filled with history, as many buildings are a veritable showcase of Spanish colonialist style, it is also an area where you can enjoy natural wonders.

Amazing scenery includes Lake Nicaragua, which is considered to be one of the most picturesque lakes in the entire world. Although not as popular as Antigua, Granada still has plenty of appeal, and the fact that it is not as crowded with tourists as the other destination can count as an advantage for the traveler wanting to enjoy a more laid back setting.

The history of Granada starts in 1524, when it was founded by the European colonialists, and it is the oldest city of this type in Nicaragua, and only the third in both Americas.

The passing of time was not always kind to Granada, and many battles have happened here. A famous event of this kind was when William Walker tried to burn the city to the ground during the 19th century. The most important buildings still stand erect, although signs of the devouring fire are present.

Tourist activities certainly include touring the colonial buildings, but there are many others you can try. For instance, you can take a ride in a carriage drawn by horses and visit the city this way.

As Lake Nicaragua represents one of the main attractions in Granada, you can embark on a boat tour to visit Las Isletas. The volcanoes Masaya and Mombacho can also be visited by foot. If you want to do some shopping for dinner, the marketplace is located right next to one of the first of these volcanoes. For the nature lover, there are plenty of other activities, such as hiking on the hills of Zapatera island (situated on Lake Nicaragua) or visiting the farms in Aguas Agria.

Granada cuisine includes some mouth watering dishes, such as chicaronnes, chicken tacos, yucca and many others. You can enjoy a palatable meal in one of the many great Granada restaurants that also offer a great advantage to tourists traveling on a budget. The prices are cheap, while the meals offered are really delicious.

Certain events deserve your attention, so plan ahead when you want to go visit Granada. For instance, Semana Santa, or the Holy Week, takes place right after Easter and is dedicated to religious celebrations. The Festival of the Cross is held on the third of May, and other religious events take place during spring and fall.

If weather is your concern, you can take your pick anytime from December till May when the climate is sweet and rains are not that often.

Granada can be really cheap for the smart traveler. Almost all the prices for regular items and the like are less than what can be found in other Central American tourist spots. The best advice is to go to the local marketplace, where you can find plenty of goodies to buy at very decent prices.



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