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Parque Nacional Tikal Travel Guides


The Three Famous Temples of Parque Nacional Tikal

Located in Guatemala, about 50 miles NW to the Belezian border is the wonderful Parque Nacional Tikal. This jungle houses the remains of all the greatest ancient “Mayan Cities”. Around 700 BC, the Maya chose to settle here, a...

The Wonders of Parque Nacional Tikal

Traveling to Guatemala will offer you a great chance to enjoy the wonders of Parque Nacional Tikal. Located right in the heart of the jungle, this amazing park hides one of best kept secrets of the ancient Mayan civilization,...

Take a Parque Nacional Tikal Vacation

If you really want a vacation, then why visit another modern city? An ideal location is Parque Nacional Tikal, which is found in a remote location in Guatemala. It is about fifty miles northwest of Guatemala's border with Bel...


Things to Do, Places to Visit and Places to Eat in Parque Nacional Tikal


You can submit a travel guide on any attraction in Parque Nacional Tikal, Guatemala. It can be anything - from places to see in Parque Nacional Tikal, to restaurants to eat, and to pretty much any other things to do in Parque Nacional Tikal, Guatemala