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Tourist Spots in Guatemala City



The capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City offers a lot to visitors, especially since the starting point of many highways is located inside the National Palace which is part of the historical center of the city.

While it is a bustling urban area, the city does not rely solely on tourism and it flourishes because of the many successful businesses that are developed here. When you visit this amazing city, take your time to try the local flavors in some of the many fine restaurants.

Among the most important attractions in Guatemala City, one cannot overlook the wide array of very old churches, that include Catedral Metropolitana, Iglesia de la Merced, and Cerrito del Carmen, just to name a few. Also, if you like the historical part of the town, do not forget to visit Kaminal Juyú, a famous archaeological site, which represents the old city that once stood in this area.

Another interesting attraction that you should not miss when traveling to Guatemala City is the Mapa en Relieve. It is a large map which shows you the particularities of the country’s topography on a grand scale. In order to get the true idea of the landmark you will have to climb up the observation tower and look at the map from above.

If you are looking for some incredible souvenirs there is no better place to look than the Ixchel Museum. While the museum mainly exhibits traditional costumes and provides valuable information on how the items shown were made, you will also find a special shop inside the museum where you can purchase clothes and other items made by Guatemala artisans. The clothes do not come cheap, but their quality is worth the financial trouble since you will not find pieces like this anywhere else on the planet.

For viewing a great collection of Mayan artifacts you will need to visit Popol Vuh museum. If you do not want to follow a guide you can always stroll around the museum and read the explanations next to each exhibit as they are written in Spanish and also English.

You do not have to travel far to find out more about the history of the place, especially about its Mayan times. Downtown there is a Mayan ruin that is open to visitors.

The National Palace is one of the most important attractions in Guatemala City. Guided tours are offered free of charge and they are organized so often that you cannot miss them. During the tour, you will get to enjoy the views of the ancient courtyards, the old rooms, and the mural art.

If you are traveling with kids, it would be a good idea to visit the Botanical Gardens. Known as the first of their kind to open in Central America, these gardens are home to many exotic species of plants and flowers including indigenous species. Tourists love this place as it is well maintained and organized for visiting.



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