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The Beauty of Havana



Havana stands as the best preserved colonial city of the Americas, having great works of architecture. No matter how much you think you have seen in different places, the capital of Cuba will still take your breath away. The entire city is almost like one large museum that has one special feature after another. One of the remarkable features in Havana is the almost total lack of commercialization.

Havana gives you the opportunity to see some great colonial buildings and cruisers of the Al Capone era. Havana is, therefore, a very popular tourist destination that offers excitement all the year round. The buildings are reminiscent of the Spanish colonial era, which you are bound to notice even if architecture is not a passion. Yet this is just one of the things that make Havana special.

Havana would soon lose its attraction had it not been for the friendly nature of its people. These are a welcoming lot; people who enjoy their music and dance. Havana may well be the place where you change your mind if you thought that music was never among your passions.

There are also a host of special attractions that you can enjoy in Havana. Here are just a few of the things that make the city special.

Habana Vieja

This is where you will find the La Bodeguita Del Medio bar that became famous due to Ernest Hemingway's patronage. The old city has a long history, having been established way back in 1519. The dilapidated remains of the city walls are a testimony to the fact that pirates often targeted the city. The colonial buildings have been restored without obliterating this important part of history. There are several museums from where you can learn a lot.

Museo de la Ciudad

Speaking of museums, one of the special ones is the Museo de la Ciudad, a building whose history goes beyond the revolution. The museum, which was constructed in 1791, has treasures that give the country's history. Although a large part is dedicated to Cuban wars, the museum also includes archeology, paintings, porcelains and furniture, among others.

Other museums that you may visit are the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, that is dedicated to Cuban works of art dating from the 16th century, and the Museo de la Revolución, which was formerly the government's headquarters and presidential palace. It is largely concerned with the Cuban revolution.

Cigar Factories

One of the things that Cuba is well known for is the cigar. You can visit the three main cigar factories in Havana, which provide tours that give visitors the opportunity to see how hand-rolled cigars are produced. They also have shops from where you can buy souvenir cigars.

Among the things that Havana is known for are its refreshing beaches, which you may also enjoy during your vacation.



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