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Indulge in the Splendor of the “Playa del Este”, Havana



The capital of Cuba, Havana is akin to a lovely prose. Its magnificent and splendid scenic beauty is a pure treat for all the senses. While in Havana, you’ll feel like you are in an open-air museum. Havana also promises you a rocking nightlife. Still untouched by commercialization to a large extent, Havana has a very healthy atmosphere and warm and friendly people. Havana is top on the list of any traveler thanks to its rich architectural heritage that the city has preserved.

Playa del Este is very close to the city of Havana (approximately a 20 minute ride from downtown Havana) and it’s a favorite spot for exciting fun-filled weekends. It’s a long beautiful wide beach with pristine white sand and gorgeous blue water. The waves are quite gentle and thanks to the sand bars you can swim quite far. July-August is the favorite time for Cubans to holiday here.

Nearby there are many hotels, resorts, bars and various souvenir shops. Playa del Este is further divided into four parts – Santa Maria, Megano, Guanabo and Mi Cayito.

Out of these four Megano is the quietest of the lot and is the place to go if you are looking for a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its peaceful atmosphere is a good stress reliever and soothes your nerves. Just 30 minutes from the water is a small bar where you can have a few snacks or soft drinks.

Santa Maria is the most preferred destination by tourists. Most times of the year it is crowded and bursting with energy and excitement. Santa Maria is a typical beach for the youth and has many hotels to choose from. Prostitution being a major hassle in the area, Saint Maria is also heavily guarded with uniformed guards to keep the peace and ensure the safety of all tourists. Be sure to carry your identification papers along with you to avoid any hassle.

Mi Cayito is often preferred by gays and lesbians thanks to the solitude it offers. Couples also visit this place for the added privacy.

Guanabo is a lovely place to go to with your family and kids. It is comparatively cheaper and you'll feel like a local as most Cubans reside here.

Playas del Este promises you beaches right out a Caribbean brochure, along with an exciting nightlife. The lovely cozy huts nearby serve delicious fish. A trip to Havana would be incomplete without relishing the pleasure of the exotic sand and sun at Playa del Este.



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