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Havana - Places to Visit, Things to Do



Cuba’s capital and the most developed city on the entire island, Havana, is the birthplace of Cuban cigars, salsa and, of course, Cuban rum. Known as “Paris of the Antilles”, Havana displays one of the most beautiful examples of English and Spanish colonial architecture. A truly unique blend of cultural influences from early French pirates (the corsairs), the Spanish colonial period and the English late influence, Havana is one of the most prized tourist destinations in the entire Central America.

Havana is opened for tourists and visitors. You can find here a whole variety of places to visit, as well as accommodations. Station here and explore the whole island using any of the transportation systems available, as Havana is the central hub of the Cuban transport system.

The city is filled with shopping places, malls, souvenir shops and outlets. You must come prepared as the shops offer a large variety of products, from clothes to shoes, at really bargain prices.

To make the best of Havana you must use a city map. Buy a traveler city map or bring one with you and start enjoying this marvelous city on foot. Walking from the Old Havana to the modern city you will be quickly enchanted by the sheer number of places to visit.

Catedral de San Cristobal and Castillo del Morro are the most beautiful baroque style buildings you will ever visit. Take a tour of the El Macelon, one of the main avenues that offers a great view of the harbor and bay, and think about the times when the corsairs and pirates had their headquarters here. You can also travel to Paseo del Prado where you can listen to the vibrant Cuban music and witness the popular Cuban dancing.

Cuban cigars are among the best worldwide known Cuban products. Each year in February, the Habanos Cuban Cigar Festival, dedicated to Cuban tobacco products, is held. Visit the Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagás and see for yourself how these cigars are made. Here, you can also buy some cigars at a great price that you can take home with you.

The Cuban rum is one of the most flavored drinks you will ever experience. You can visit a genuine rum distillery like the Havana Club Rum Factory and learn about the rum making process.

For those with a passion for history, there are numerous museums and places where items representing the national history of Cuba are showcased. These include the famous Plaza de la Revolucion with the statues of the Cuban heroes Jose Marti and, of course, Che Guevara. Museo the la Revolucion is a good place to learn about Cuban history, starting from early ages of human settlements on the island and ending with the more recent revolutionary events.

Release the revolutionary side of you and celebrate the Cuban’s revolution by purchasing flags, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro memorabilia and statues. Do not forget to take home a small piece of Havana’s history together with a large cigar and a bottle of rum.



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