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Popular Tourist Destinations in Belize City



Belize city used to be the capital of Belize until 1961 when Hurricane Hattie destroyed almost the entire city. Although Belmopan was then chosen as the capital, Belize city is still the largest city in the country. There are several interesting destinations in the city that make it a popular destination for many vacationers.

These are a number of destinations to consider when planning a trip to Belize:

The city center

One of the popular destinations in Belize city is Albert Park. The park is situated at the city center and is a favorite destination for the entire family. There are playgrounds and other open spaces that will be ideal for children to enjoy their time.

Locals mingle at Battlefield Park where they like relaxing on the benches. There are also vendors trading in different goods, including food, whose aroma will attract you as you pass.

At the Farmer's Market, you will sample different types of farm produce such as fresh vegetables. Another popular destination is the Swing bridge that connects the northern and southern parts of the city. The swing bridge was constructed in 1923 and has a unique place in the world as the only swing bridge that is operated manually. The operators rotate the bridge to swing it open long enough to allow tall boats to pass. Traffic comes to a halt during these periods. The swinging is usually done at 5:30 A.M. and 5:50 P.M.

A footbridge connects Bird Island and the mainland. There is a beautiful recreational area at this site. You may as well learn more about sea life at the Belize Maritime Museum. You will also learn about fishing and boats.

Other places of interest at the center include Yarbrough Cemetery, St John's Cathedral, Hindu Temple, Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts, and the commercial center.

Fort George District

The Fort George Lighthouse used to be a fort that a creek separated from other parts of the city. Close to the lighthouse is the Baron Bliss Tomb, which was prepared in honor of a wealthy British baron, Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, who gave the locals a large trust fund. The fund made it possible to develop conservation efforts.

Many passengers usually disembark from cruise ships at the Tourist Village. There are different kinds of tourist services here, including shops. As its name suggests, the National Handicrafts Center displays the works made by Belizeans only. Great skill goes into these special works, which include black slate carvings, ironwood carvings, hand-made jewelry, and rosewood bowls.

The main post office in Belize city is housed in a colonial structure that will help you to observe the skills of the ancient people. The Paslow Building is made of wooden frames and is named after a colonial slave owner, Thomas Paslow.

Other interesting places in Belize city are: Image Factory Art Foundation, Belize Audubon Society, Museum of Belize, and Placencia Mountain Bike Classic.



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