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Belize Travel Guides


Popular Tourist Destinations in Belize City

Belize city used to be the capital of Belize until 1961 when Hurricane Hattie destroyed almost the entire city. Although Belmopan was then chosen as the capital, Belize city is still the largest city in the country. There are...

Enjoy Your Vacation in San Ignacio

San Ignacio is the capital of Cayo District in the western part of Belize. This beautiful city is found along the banks of the Mopan and Macal rivers, about 22 miles to the west of Belmopan, the nation's capital. The producti...

Where to Stay in Ambergris Cay

Ambergris Cay offers a wide choice of suitable hotels for tourists. Following are some of the ways to search for the best place to stay. Choose whether you want to stay in a hotel, motel, resort, or an all-inclusive place. T...

Touring San Ignacio

When you travel to Belize you should take a minute to visit the small town of San Ignacio. Also named Cayo, the town is ideal located along the Macal River and you can use it as your home base if you want to explore the neigh...

Belize City Traveling Tips

Belize City is the largest city in Belize Country and its former capital. The city was almost destroyed by a huge hurricane back in 1961 and the capital was moved to the city of Belmopan and has remained there ever since. Now...

Tourist Guide to Ambergris Cay

Ambergris Cay is the biggest and most developed island in Belize. This island, located at the north east of Belize City is no more than 25 miles in length and is only one mile wide. Ambergris Cay is mainly a huge mangrove swa...

Caye Caulker - A Great Place to Relax

If you're like most people, your daily schedule is quite hectic, with hardly any time to relax. Hence, when it is time to take a vacation, it is only reasonable to find a destination where you will be able to relax. Caye Caul...

What Makes the Great Appeal of Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker is part of the lovely Belize islands, and its appeal is well known worldwide, although the little island houses no more than 1,200 inhabitants. It is conveniently located, just a short ride by car from Belize Cit...