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Peaceful Holidays – US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are well known as being a peaceful and quiet tourist destination; perfect for someone who wants to relax and de-stress. Saint Croix, Saint Thomas and Saint John are the name of the US Virgin Islands, whe...

The Idyllic Charm of Saint Vincent

If there is one place on earth that spells magic, it has to be Saint Vincent. The beautiful island and the neighboring ones seem to be straight out of a fairytale, adding to the idyllic charm of the place. Located in the hear...

Nassau and Its Great Tourist Attractions

The Bahamas are famous for many things, and Nassau, one of the top destinations in these beautiful islands, has a lot to offer. There are many exciting things in Nassau, and you will never get bored as there are plenty of act...

Why is Grand Turk so Awesome for Nature Lovers

Whenever you want to indulge in a little bit of nature watching, there is no better place to go than Grand Turk, the capital of Turks and Caicos Islands. Occupying a sole island itself, Grand Turk represents a great opportuni...

Castries, the Perfect Base for Exploring the Islands

Castries is the capital city of Saint Lucia even though it is not a very populated area. The town mostly serves as a port, where many cruise ships dock while on their way to explore the islands. Castries has a certain appeal,...

Making a Stop in Basseterre

Basseterre, representing the capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis, occupies an entire island located in the Caribbean. While it is not seen as a great tourist destination in itself, the island is a good stopping point when you ar...

Things to Do in Roseau, Dominica

Dominica is a beautiful island, but tourists often forget to visit the capital city Roseau even though there are plenty of things to do here as well. The capital city tends to be a little overcrowded, and the noise can be bot...

Beyond the Tragedy: Reconstructing Port-au-Prince

Port-au-Prince was devastated by the recent earthquake, but the people here are not giving up. The process of reconstruction has begun, and the people living here are as friendly as ever, making your trip through the city com...

A Few Traveling Tips for People Going to Panama City

Panama City is quite the cosmopolite type of place, since so many different people live here. You can get around the city quite well, if you know a little bit of Spanish since this is the language that most people speak here....

Take a Trip to the Wild Side of the Caribbean-Navassa Island

Not all the islands in the Caribbean are fit for tourism, and some of them are great only for explorers that want to learn more about the wild side of the Caribbean that are untouched by man. Navassa Island is one of these pl...