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Bobo-Dioulasso – The Commercial City of Burkina Fasso



Bobo-Dioulasso is considered to be quite an interesting tourist destination in Burkina Fasso, and one that you will find very pleasant to spend a few days in. The boulevards are extremely pleasing for those that do not mind walking around, and the marketplaces here are renowned for the items they sell. There are many other sites to visit, such as the Musée Provincial du Houët and the Grande Mosquée. You will also find plenty of things to do in the Kibidwé district. The best way to experience Bobo-Dioulasso is to have a guide with you since it is quite difficult to get around if you are not familiar or have a map of the city.

The people in Bobo-Dioulasso are considered to be among the most hospitable in the world, and, as a foreigner, you will find this to be true. Don’t be surprised if you are invited in to drink a cup of tea or eat some food. The neighborhoods are quite lively and you will often see groups of people drinking tea at leisure, old ladies chatting and school children playing. The people speak French, besides the local dialect. The commercial area is also very well developed and you will find plenty of things to buy. However, be aware that foreigners are often targeted as an easy prey by witty merchants that want to sell their items at an overpriced cost.

Taxis represent a convenient way to travel around the city. Sometimes taxi drivers will try to overcharge you, especially if you have luggage. It is best to learn about the regular fees before embarking on a taxi.

Among the most interesting places to see in Bobo-Dioulasso are the French Cultural Center where many art exhibits are showcased (music performances are often held here as well); the National Museum, located in the National Square; and Grande Mosque.

Shopping is a big activity in Bobo-Dioulasso. Grande Marche is the place where everything is happening in the city and where you can purchase items like jewels, clothing, gas lamps, fruits and vegetables, and more. Many locals come here just to hang out, so the Grande Marche is the best place to be if you want to experience the life in Bobo-Dioulasso at its best.

There are many other marketplaces where you can go shopping, if the crowds of the Grande Marche prove to be too much for you. The Fruit Market, located on the road to the airport is not so crowded, and you can choose from a wide array of exotic fruits. Mangoes, bananas, patates, and oranges are sold here when in season.



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