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Beyond the Tragedy: Reconstructing Port-au-Prince



Port-au-Prince was devastated by the recent earthquake, but the people here are not giving up. The process of reconstruction has begun, and the people living here are as friendly as ever, making your trip through the city comfortable and convenient.

People living in Port-au-Prince speak mostly French and Creole. You may find some people speaking English, but there are only a few locals who know the language well. There are several things you need to know about this location. For one, typhoid fever can be a problem, especially during the times when the climate is wet and hot. It is best to travel to Port-au-Prince from January until April, when there are lower health risks present for an outside traveler. The weather is much more convenient as well.

Port-au-Prince has many tourist attractions that you may want to visit. For instance, you can visit the Delfly Mansion, a building featuring 19th century architecture of French influences. Do not forget to visit the Museum of Haitian Art, where you will see many paintings and sculptures designed by local artists.

If you want to make some interesting purchases, you will have to go to the Iron Market, where you can buy many interesting items and foods. Make sure to barter, as this is the common practice around here.

To enjoy some spectacular views at Bassin Blue, you need to travel near the waterfalls. This is a glorious oasis, made of natural pools with clear water. Many choose to come here on horseback, as the more adventurous way to travel around Port-au-Prince.

Accommodations in Port-au-Prince are not very pricey, and some hotels even offer a good range of amenities. Downtown Port-au-Prince you will find three different hotels: the Oloffson Hotel, the Coconut Villa and the Park Hotel, all of them decently priced. If you want to stay someplance other than downtown, you can choose from many other hotels, such as the El Rancho or Kinam. Here, a resort like atmosphere is what draws tourists, and a local casino and golf course can be used by guests.

While you may feel that Port-au-Prince is a small city, there is nothing further than the truth. This is the biggest city in all of Haiti, and 4 million people call it their home. Still, you will not see any skyscrapers here, as most buildings have no more than two stories.

Port-au-Prince did not have a great reputation among tourists, as kidnappings and fire shootings were the norm until a few years ago. Since the United Nations troops came here, the situation has changed and the criminal gangs are not as powerful as before. Still, you need to have a lot of caution when you come here, and it is better to avoid venturing in parts of the city that are not secured.

The best area inside Port-au-Prince to be as a tourist is the Petionville area. Here you will find many nightclubs and businesses.



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