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Kakadu National Park and Its Amazing Beauty

The Kakadu National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of the ancient rock paintings that can be still seen here, a proof of 40,000 years of human presence in the area. The park stretches over 5 million...

Hobart, the Exciting Capital City of Tasmania

Tasmania is an interesting place and its capital city, Hobart, is its jewel. With a population of only about 50,000 inhabitants, the city is a quaint little place that stands at the foot at Mount Wellington. Situated on the b...

Places to See in Fremantle, Australia

The well known port at the Indian Ocean, Fremantle, is an important city located on the western shore of Australia. Many consider Fremantle to be only a suburb of Perth, but this is a wrong statement because there are so m...

Scottish Heritage of Dunedin, in the Heart of New Zealand

Dunedin is an important city located in the Otago area, in New Zealand, and its name speaks directly of its heritage, as this is the old Gaelic name for Edinburgh. With such a name, there is no wonder that Dunedin is reall...

Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and offers amazing views of the Blue Mountains located in the province of New South Wales,in Australia. The park is especially famous for its fl...

Having a Great Vacation Time at Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach represents a wonderful place to be while on vacation. You only need to travel there, check into the accommodation of your choice and then relax on the beautiful beach. The town, although small, is very lively. It...

The Most Important Events You Can Attend in Wellington

Wellington is a famous destination in New Zealand, where there always seems to be something happening. Important events are hosted here, such as matches, festivals, concerts and exhibitions. Here are some of the most importan...

The Natural Beauty of Rotorua

New Zealand is a picturesque country with equally picturesque areas for tourists to come see. Rotorua is one of them, and is famous for its hot springs, deep forests, wonderful lakes, mud pools and amazing geysers. The popula...

Tourist Activities in Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is located in New Zealand and it is famous worldwide for its beautiful landscape. For the adventurous person, this is one of the best places to be, as the unofficial nickname of this land is the Adventure Capital. ...

Enjoy the Outdoor Lifestyle in Darwin

Right on the shores of the Timor Sea, you will find Darwin, one of the most important Australian cities on the northern coast. The great climate, the sweet weather, and the relaxed, low key atmosphere, are what make Darwin su...