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Taking a Trip to Tahiti



Taking a Trip to Tahiti View large version Among the biggest islands in French Polynesia, Tahiti represents a very exotic tourist destination in the Pacific Ocean. Many choose to come here for the scenery, which is pretty spectacular, but also for many other attractions. The people that live here are still Polynesians as the Spanish explorers that came here did not want to colonize the islands.

The climate is generally hot and wet, and heavy rains often fall on the island. But this does not mean that the weather is not sunny very often. You will be amazed with the flora and fauna that grows here as a result of the humid climate. Here, you will see hibiscus and other plants like frangipani. The first time you arrive, you will be welcomed by having a beautiful flower placed in your hair.

Tahiti is rich in archaeological wonders. Also, the lush forest is a sight to behold and the people are lovely and friendly. There are many celebrations and festivals held here. If you go to Tahiti on vacation, you will discover that there are many things to do, like shark feeding, whale watching or boat riding, which are not activities that you can try just anywhere in the world.

Diving is among the most popular activities on the island. As the waters around the island are almost always warm and clear, there is no wonder why so many people come here to dive under the pristine waters. Another place you will want to visit in Tahiti is the Raiatea Mountain where you will see the well preserved mummies of the people that once ruled over this land. Day cruises are organized all the time to explore the neighboring islands.

The beach is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions in Tahiti. The beaches are famous for being ideal for snorkeling, diving or fishing. The public beaches are opened to everybody, but there are also private beaches that are more selective about their clientele. Usually, if you stay with a hotel, you will have access to their private beach. However, the public beaches are not bad either, which means it is really easy to have a great time on the Tahiti beaches. Here are a few of the most appreciated beaches on the island.

Lafayette Beach is one of a kind since it has black sand due to the volcanic activity that once took place in the area. It is located on the east coast of the island, right in front of the Matavi Bay. If you are looking for nearby accommodation, the local Radisson Plaza is right there.

Surfers like to use Papenoo Beach for their favorite activity. The black sands are not the main point of attraction, but the turbulent waters are considered ideal for surfing.

A much appreciated white sand beach is Plage de Toaroto, which can be found on the west coast. Snorkeling is very popular here as the aquatic life is rich in different creatures you can see if you dive under water.



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