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Uluru National Park, the Ancient Place of Aboriginals



Uluru National Park was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO because of its cultural heritage and natural beauty. The park is accessible from Darwin by car, and large highways connect it with other important places on the mainland. You can also arrive here by plane. You can fly in here from important cities in Australia, such as Sydney, Darwin, Melbourne, Cairns or Perth.

On the west part of the park, you will find The Olgas, which is a large pile of rock domes dating from ancient times. These formations are the result of the erosion that started in this area over 500 million years back in time.

The rock formations are visible, but you can only see the tips since most of the structure is buried in the ground.

As many archaeological sites show, the aboriginals used to live here over 22,000 years ago, which is why Uluru National Park is considered to be so important by international organizations interested in preserving the natural beauty of the world. The place was also named Ayers Rock, to honor Sir Henry Ayers. The name was given by William Goose, an explorer that saw this rock when he traveled here in the second half of the 19th century.

The place was returned to the Anangu custodians only 25 years ago, and the administration of the park is shared with Parks Australia.

You will have to pay an entry fee to get into the Uluru National Park. Once you pay the fee, however, it will be valid for another two days so it is worth the money. You can also find here plenty of accommodation options around, especially at Ayers Rock Resort.

You can find plenty of information available on the park’s history, flora and fauna at the Yulara Visitors Center where you can also purchase souvenirs or other gifts.

The park is protected against the impact of the tourism by having no tourist accommodation on its grounds. Most of the accommodations you can find are located in Yulara, which is also the name of the nearby airport where you can fly in from different places in Australia. The resort here is also the most convenient for people coming to stay close to the park, in order to make their day trips easier.

The declaration of the park as a World Heritage Site was beneficial, since the number of tourists coming here yearly has risen to 400,000. The main challenge that the local administration has to face now is to maintain the balance between taking advantage of the economical take off and the need for preserving the area in its natural beauty. Tours are offered around the park by the Anangu custodians, and there are many walking trails you can take in order to explore the park. The most famous of them all is the Valley of the Winds, very popular in Uluru National Park, or Kata Tjuta, as it is also called.



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