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Newcastle and Its Untapped Beauty



Newcastle may not be the best known tourist destination in Australia, but its untapped riches will certainly draw the connoisseur into a trip that will not be forgotten too soon. When in Australia, never forget to take a trip to Newcastle.

It is considered, even by locals, that Newcastle is among the country’s best tourist destination, although not as popular as others. The place is well known, however, for its great beaches and vineyards that lie between Sydney and Byron Bay. The untapped beauty of the place is one of its biggest assets, and the fact that not many tourists have discovered it so far may play a major role in the good preservation of the place. If you do not mind being among the first explorers to enjoy this land, then you should go to Newcastle during your holidays.

Among the area’s best attractions, you will undoubtedly find the wineries. This is one of the most important areas with vineyards in the entire country and it only takes a short ride from Newcastle to reach Hunter Valley, where you will find the best wineries in the region.

Traveling around Newcastle will take you to some important spots, such as Port Stephen, that was declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site, or Nelson Bay. Here, diving is very popular and you, too, can embark in an underwater adventure to see the creatures living beneath the water's surface.

The bay is quite well known for the playful dolphins that love to put on a show for visitors. The area looks quite scenic, with two grassy headlands guarding the bay. There are plenty of things to do here, like diving, surfing, fishing or simply enjoy a relaxing afternoon on a golf course. Nearby there are two championship courses where you can try your swing and one of them is signed by the well known golf course designer, Greg Norman.

The beaches in Newcastle are many and various; you'll have no trouble finding one that fits your tastes and preferences.

Surfing is also very popular here as many famous surfers come here to test the waters. The area is considered to be a veritable paradise for surfers but, of course, there is so much to do in Newcastle than surfing.

You will never get bored here when on vacation. Because it is one of the most important cities in Australia, Newcastle offers plenty of sites to see and things to do. For instance, you can learn about the history of this city and admire its exquisite architecture.

The city is well known for having great sporting facilities, but it also has plenty of cultural spots as well as entertainment, so you will always find something to do next. It is considered that Newcastle is very well preserved and that it is the place where real Australians work and live. Don’t miss a visit to Newcastle, it will certainly be worth your while.



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