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The Beautiful Port of Bunbury



Bunbury is one of the most important cities in Western Australia, and is a beautiful port located not so far from Perth. Its location on the Collie River offers plenty of opportunities. The port is surrounded by waters and the nearby bays, Koombana Bay and Geographe Bay, offer some pretty stunning views.

If you choose to spend an incredible holiday in Bunbury, you will not regret it. The peninsula on which the city is situated offers amazing views of the waters and aquatic life. This place provides for a great vacationing spot, especially if you are a nature lover and in particular a lover of aquatic wonders. There are also plenty of great accommodations and other attractions on the peninsula, so you will not miss on any of the modern conveniences you would expect from a top of the line tourist destination.

Natural beauty is one of the great pluses of this area. You will discover this first hand once you enter the peninsula. The beach looks pristine and untouched, and you will find the dolphins swimming around the ships the most endearing sight in the world. These are also great performers and, if you take a water trip on the Koombana Bay, you will have the chance to see the bottlenose dolphin showing itself to visitors.

One of the most interesting spots in Bunbury is Big Swamp Wildlife Park, situated in the heart of a natural reserve. This is mostly dedicated to birdwatchers but you will also get to see plenty of different species of plants and animals. One special guest of this reserve is the long neck tortoise. Make sure to have your camera nearby in case you spot one and want to take a picture.

In order to find more about the history of the place, you need to pay a visit to the King Cottage Museum. The exhibits will take you back in time, at the beginning of 19th century. Furniture and other artifacts are part of this incredible collection and will remind you of the time when life was much simpler. Even the bricks of the building were made by hand, so you may want to take a moment and admire the hard work put into this.

The Lighthouse Lookout is the place to be in order to take in the views of the city. The building is quite impressive, at 25 meters in height. Climbing to the top will give you the opportunity to see the entire peninsula from a single spot.

A drive around the peninsula will offer you the greatest way to explore the beauties of Bunbury. Collie and Donnybrook are the best known regions, and people come here to enjoy the charm of the countryside.

A tour around the hills will take you to some of the area’s wineries. If you want to embark on a winery tour, a great idea would be to start with Wovenfield Wines, located in Ferguson Valley. You can also engage in some wine tasting as the wines in these regions are widely known for their flavor.



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