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The Most Important Attractions in Alice Springs



Although a small town, Alice Springs is among the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. While only 30,000 people live here permanently, there are plenty of tourists coming here to spend their holidays. When you travel to Australia, make sure to include Alice Springs in your tours.

Alice Springs is located in the heart of the continent, in the Northern Territory. Established by pioneers that did not fear fighting the wild in order to progress inside the continent, nowadays, Alice Springs is a prosperous town. The charm of the days passed is still present, although the town has plenty of modern conveniences to make your stay more enjoyable. However, keep in mind that this destination is especially addressed to those wanting a more low key travel experiences, far away from the large cities on the continent.

There are many important tourist destinations that you may want to visit in Alice Springs. You can start with the Desert Art Gallery, representing the most important items illustrating Aboriginal art. Tens of Aboriginal artists are represented here through their work.

Another great tourist spot in Alice Springs is Anzac Hill. If you climb it, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some great views of the town. The hill also lets you take in the views over East Ranges and West MacDonnell. Here you will also find the Anzac Hill Memorial, built in the honor of the people that fought during World War I.

Don’t forget to visit the reserve at Arltunga. You will need to travel outside the town in order to reach it, but the two hour drive is totally worth the trip. The quaint little town was erected during the famous gold rush, but now hosts nothing but the old mines. You can take a walk around Arltunga and see the structures that once served to mine gold and other historical remains.

Also outside the town, you will find the Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve where it is thought that Aboriginal people used to hold religious ceremonies. You will find this reserve while you are heading for Arltunga.

A great national park is the Finke George park, which is located not further than a two hour drive from Alice Springs. From here, you can admire Palm Valley where you can embark on a great four wheel drive adventure.

There are plenty of things to do in Alice Springs. The town is abundant in fine restaurants and interesting malls where you can engage in some shopping. The rural part of the town is also very interesting and beautiful, and you may want to explore it as well.

There are plenty of different accommodations present in Alice Springs that you may want to try. From your home base, you can enjoy the history, culture and many outdoor activities while in Alice Springs.



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