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Taking a Trip to Tahiti

Among the biggest islands in French Polynesia, Tahiti represents a very exotic tourist destination in the Pacific Ocean. Many choose to come here for the scenery, which is pretty spectacular, but also for many other attractio...

Discover Rottnest Island

Situated only a few kilometers from Perth, Rottnest Island is a wonderful location for spending a romantic vacation. The white sands and the blue waters are a real trademark for this beautiful island located so close to the A...

Newcastle and Its Untapped Beauty

Newcastle may not be the best known tourist destination in Australia, but its untapped riches will certainly draw the connoisseur into a trip that will not be forgotten too soon. When in Australia, never forget to take a trip...

Enjoy the Wine, Food and Surfing in Margaret River

Not far away from Perth, on the coastline, you will find Margaret River, a town well known to tourists for its wine, cuisine and great surfing locations. In order to get to Margaret River, you can hop in your car and drive...

Geelong - Learning the Meaning of the Word “Bollard”

Geelong lies in the region of the Surf Coast, the Bellarine and the Otways, and one of its most impressive attractions is its Bollard Trail. While for many the significance of the word may lead to images of a wharf post cover...

The Beautiful Port of Bunbury

Bunbury is one of the most important cities in Western Australia, and is a beautiful port located not so far from Perth. Its location on the Collie River offers plenty of opportunities. The port is surrounded by waters and th...

Exploring the Beautiful Island of Bora Bora

Whenever you go visiting the islands of French Polynesia, do not forget about Bora Bora. James Michener, the famous novelist, was the first to say that this island is the most beautiful in the world, and he may not be too far...

The Most Important Attractions in Alice Springs

Although a small town, Alice Springs is among the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. While only 30,000 people live here permanently, there are plenty of tourists coming here to spend their holidays. When you trav...

Uluru National Park, the Ancient Place of Aboriginals

Uluru National Park was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO because of its cultural heritage and natural beauty. The park is accessible from Darwin by car, and large highways connect it with other important places on the...

Exploring the Tahitian Magic of Moorea

Moorea is the name of an island that is part of the Society Islands, which is located only a few kilometers away from Tahiti. The island mostly has a few villages and towns and nothing else more. You will know that you ent...