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Planning a Small Trip to Hanoi



Hanoi is one of the largest cities and capital of Vietnam. The city has two main parts, the Old Quarter and the French Quarter also referred to as the colonial quarter. The Old Quarter is a tourist haven with plenty of small shops, markets, boutiques, inns and restaurants. While in Hanoi you can find the best hotel prices in the Old Quarter. Same goes for shopping and dining. The French Quarter hosts official buildings and embassies and is the main residential part of the city.

The temperature in Hanoi is usually very hot and humid. Always keep yourself well hydrated and always have bottle of mineral water with you. Try to stay away from direct sun and avoid the midday time if you are not used to hot temperatures.

Start your journey with a walk through the Old Quarter. Find a good tourist map and start walking through the streets. Each street is unique and has a different specialty. There is a towel street, a toy street, a rope street, a tin-maker street, and even a paper street. Many other specialty streets will also delight your shopping appetite. Make sure to take your time and try to obtain bargain prices for all your purchases.

The Old Quarter is also a great place to dine. Visit one of the traditional Vietnamese restaurants and enjoy an excellent Vietnamese meal. Do not be afraid to experiment as the base of the cuisine is rice, fish, and soy so you cannot go wrong with any of these dishes.

Continue your trip trough Hanoi with a visit to the Museums and Art Galleries. The city has a variety of museums which are all worth visiting. Use a cab or a three wheel taxi to get around quickly to any destination.

The Museum of Vietnamese Revolution offers an unique view of the recent history of Vietnam and its fight against French colonization.

The Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts is a great place to take a look at the cultural aspects of Vietnam. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology also offers hours of cultural and spiritual delight. For a complete cultural trip, do not miss the Temple of Literature where you will be enchanted by the perfect blend of architecture, gardening, and history.

The official Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum should also be one of your destinations. The museum is a tribute to the Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh. Make sure to check the dress code before walking in. Miniskirts and shorts are not allowed and there are guards that will deny your entrance if your clothes are considered to be disrespectful.

Another attraction worth a visit is the Perfume Pagoda, a huge temple and shrine complex with more than thirty pagodas. These Buddhist shrines and temples are visited by the Vietnamese each year somewhere in March and April. If you do not handle crowds well make sure to avoid this procession.

Hanoi is a great place to stay while you are visiting Vietnam. By using any of the local travel agencies, you will have easy and fast access to the entire city and will be able to plan trips accordingly.



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