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A Brief Tourist Guide to Ko Samui



Ko Samui is the third-largest island in Thailand and situated on the Southern part of the country. This sparkling island holds many interesting sights, from its legend to its special features and attractions. There are many attractions both within the city and its environs that make it an ideal place to spend a vacation.

Attractions within the city

Khao Tapet Nature and Wildlife Center covers an area of 1,162 acres along Highway 4009. Many caged wild animals can be seen without leaving the city. The hilltop that stands about 200 meters above sea level will also give you special views of such places as Tapi River, Bandon Bay, and Surat Thani town.

Si surat Stupa (or Phra That Khao Tapet, as the locals call it) is located on top of Tapi Hill found at the park. The Indian government donated many Buddhist relics more than three decades ago, and this is where they are kept.

Apart from enjoying the river itself, the Tapi river estuary puts you in a great place to enjoy sea food, as there are many restaurants here.

Kanchanadit district

Did you know that monkeys too are taken to school? There is a special monkey school along highway 401, where these animals are taught how to pick coconuts. The 'students' are usually trained for about three months!

On the estuaries of Ta Tong and Kadaeh rivers are oyster farms where you will find some of the largest oysters. There are long-tailed boats that carry between eight and ten passengers to the areas where the oysters are harvested.

Don Sak District

Located at Pak Praek village, the Wiphawadi waterfall afford some breathtaking scenes that bring you closer to nature.

The Wat Khao Suwan Pradit is a hilltop pagoda that is 45 meters high. You will find some special Buddha relics here and have panoramic views of the coastal areas. The monastery was established by one of the most respected Buddhist ecclesiastics, Luang Pho Choi.

Phanom District

The greatest attraction here is the Khao Sok National Park, which is mostly made up of jungle and mountain ranges. There are many types of wildlife here, among of which are elephants, tapirs, black panthers, bears, bantengs, and bison. There are also some special sites in the park that you may visit, such as the Sip Et Chan Waterfall and Tang Nam pool.

Chaiya District

Suan Mok, or Suan Mokkha phalaram, is a forest temple covering some 150 acres along Highway 41. It was founded by Bhikkhu Buddhadhasa who was internationally respected for his 'back-to-basics' type of Buddhism. Do not expect to find elaborate chapels here. The tranquility of the forest creates an ideal environment for meditation.

The Phra Borom That Chaiya is a restored pagoda that is thought to be over 1,200 years old. There are Buddha relics within, and close by is a museum containing artifacts from around the area.



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