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Things to Do in Chiang Mai



Things to Do in Chiang Mai View large version Whether you want to experience great adventure, learn about new culture, or take a walk back through history, Chiang Mai is a special destination for you. The city has cool weather and a laid-back charm that makes it a great place to spend a vacation.

Both locals and visitors find sightseeing to be one of the greatest pastimes in the city. You can easily explore the city without the need of a guide, instead you can find a guide magazine free of charge at many local establishments. There are many historic ruins to explore or you might just want to sit around and enjoy the city's charm.

The surrounding mountains provide scenic places that are a joy to behold. Exploring the town itself is also a great experience and you will appreciate the remarkable hospitality of the locals. Climbing the Doi Suithep will not only give you a great mountain experience but also access to one of the most revered temples in the country.

The city has experienced notable settlement over the centuries, right from the time it was established as the capital of the Lanna capital in 1296. Historic ramparts and a beautiful moat surround the ancient city. Some of the things that the city is well known for are its beautiful handicrafts.

You will find it easy to explore the city, as many hotels are within, and close to the historic Old Town. The quiet lanes and ancient buildings are protected by the moat and the five gates that were restored. The central-most gate is the Thapae gate, which will lead you to the Ping River if you take the eastwards route.

The city has about 300 Buddhist temples with ornate decorations. The best known temples are Wat Chiang Man (the oldest), Wat Phra singh (which has Sinhalese Buddha), Wat Phan Tao (which is completely made of teak), and Wat Chedi Luang (which has a big landmark chedi that has been ruined). At the outskirts of the city are Wat Suan Dawk and Wat Jet Yod, both of which have interesting histories spanning more than 500 years.

Besides the temples, tours of Chiang Mai settlement on the southwestern part of the city are a popular attraction. These 13th century ruins were recently rediscovered and excavated. A trip to the ruins can also be the beginning of a trek to the hills, where you can take part in several activities such as elephant riding and river rafting.

Some other popular activities include:

- Flight of the Gibbon

- Trekking

- Mountain biking

- Enduro and dirt biking

- Swimming

- Kickboxing



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