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How to Travel Cheap when You Go to Bangkok



Tourist destinations such as Bangkok may sometimes be thought of as veritable tourist traps, especially because of the expensive prices for transportation and the like. To avoid getting ripped off, consider these great tips on how to travel inside Bangkok when the money is tight, and still enjoy a great vacation.

Once you get out of the immigration office, you are set and ready to enter the city. The first thing you need to start looking for is Sky Train. This is a very low cost means of transportation and it offers many other advantages. For instance, you will not have to fight against the traffic, as the train has its own routes with nothing to hinder i, and you will be able to enjoy some really great views.

The Sky Train will take you many places inside the city. If you want to get off somewhere downtown, you can do so when the train reaches the Sukumvit station. It is always a great idea to call your hotel, and ask them for directions if you feel lost so you can reach any destination with minimum hassle. Being prepared before embarking on your flight to Bangkok is a better idea, but you can always ask for additional information once in the city as the staff in this city’s hotels is known to be friendly.

You can also hop in a taxi to get easily to your destination. The rate is about one dollar for each two kilometers or 35 baht in their national currency. When the driver asks you Thai Ba-Ni, it means “Where shall I take you?” If you have the name of your hotel written on something, you can simply hand them the paper and lay back to relax until you reach your destination.

When you travel inside the city always consider Sky Train. Only one decade old, these trains are able to offer a nice and cheap ride almost anywhere you want. The fare is 50 baht, or $1.5, and your trip will be convenient and interesting. From Sky Train you can enjoy the views and visit the city without straining your legs at all.

Three wheeled means of transportation, called Tuk-Tuk, are also an interesting option. It is said that once you are in Bangkok you should not miss the experience of at least one ride on any of these, because it is an experience you will not forget any time soon.

It is easy to keep yourself to your budget while in Bangkok. Besides aiming for the cheapest means of transportation, you can keep everything else cheap as well. Accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes, including prices and star ratings, and food in Bangkok is simply great and does not cost you a fortune. Keep your money safe and be aware of pickpocketers that are lurking especially inside malls.



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