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Top Attractions in Singapore City



Singapore city is the capital of Singapore. If you take a vacation here, you will get the chance to visit many special sites that will make your stay enjoyable and meaningful. Here are some of the attractions you may visit.


There are a number of World War II Sites in Singapore, among which are:

Battle Box

This place served as the British Malaya Command Headquarters. Fort Canning has 22 different rooms that you can tour and be reminded of the date February 15, 1942 when the Japanese took over the city.

Reflections at Bukit Chandu

This is a memorial built in honor of the 1,400 Malay soldiers who resisted 13,000 Japanese soldiers during the 1942 attack.

Fort Siloso

The British erected the fort during the 1880s to protect Singapore harbor's western entrance. The Japanese converted it to a concentration camp where they detained prisoners of war. It is the only coastal fortification that has been preserved in the whole of Singapore.

Other sites related to the second World War include Kranji War Memorial, Johore Battery, Civilian War Memorial, as well as Changi Chapel & Museum.


There are many other landmarks in Singapore.

Dalhousie Obelisk

The Dalhousie Obelisk was built in 1850 as a commemoration of the visit of Marquis Dalhousie, India's Governor General. It is close to the Singapore River.

Lau Pa Sat

The Lau Pa Sat was erected in 1894 as a wet market. It is the largest Victorian filigree cast-iron construction that still remains throughout South East Asia. You will find many interesting local products here.

Sir Stamford Raffles Statues

These are statues carved in memory of Sir Stamford Raffles who founded Singapore.

Other noteworthy landmarks include Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Supreme Court and City Hall, Old Parliament House and the Elephant Statue, Raffles Hotel, Chijmes, Istana, Esplanade, and the National Library Singapore Garden Walks.


Underwater World

There is an underwater tunnel that covers 83 meters, where you will have a close-up view of what is happening below the surface. See different types of fish and other types of aquatic creatures, among which are some endangered species that are rescued to this place.

This is where the first Oceanarium Radio Frequency Identification system in the world was carried out. All the fish in the Living Fossils tank have RFID tags. The detector antennas enable you to get more information about them via touch screen computers. The details you will find include names, characteristics and general lifestyle.

At the Dolphin Lagoon, you will watch as the pink dolphins play and even learn some hand cues to help you dive with Indo-Pacific Humbacked dolphins.

Have you ever heard of star fish offering pedicure services? At the Underwater World, you will get the unique opportunity to experience this Fish Reflexology!

Singapore Zoo

This is an open zoo that covers 28 hectares. There are more than 3,200 species of animals, fish, birds and reptiles in their respective natural habitats. Get the chance to see such endangered species as the manatee, proboscis monkey and white rhino.

Other sites include the Butterfly Park & Animal Kingdom, Jurong BirdPark and Night Safari.



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