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Singapore – Best Tourist Destinations



The second most densely populated region in the world and home to 5 million people, Singapore is among the most prominent financial cities in the world and one of the richest cities and countries in Asia. The island is the fourth richest country in the world and it is the city with the highest quality of life on the continent.

Start your tour of Singapore with a visit to the famous Sentosa Island. This luxurious theme park is located near the city of Singapore and is visited by more than five million tourists every year. You can reach the island via one of the Mass Transit trains from the centre of the Singapore City or you can enjoy a longer and more scenic trip using the Cable Car. The island’s visiting price includes bus and monorail fees.

The Sentosa Island hosts a variety of attractions such as the internationally awarded multimedia museum called Images of Singapore. The history of the island is on display via state of the art multimedia presentations. The Tiger Sky Tower is another attraction that offers one of the greatest views of the Sentosa Island. This observation tower takes the tourist more than 110 meters above the ground for a breathtaking experience. The great sea ,Songs of the Sea, offers a spectacle. Water shows, lasers and fountains come to life in the evening every day at 7.30 pm.

All over Singapore you will encounter the statue of the Merlion, a half fish half lion creature and the symbol of Singapore City. From Sentosa Island you will also see the great Sentosa Merlion, a huge 37 meters tall statue of the symbolic creature. You can enter the statue and ride an elevator to the head and the mouth of the statue for views of the Sentosa Island and the Singapore port .

The Underwater World is a large water museum with over 2,500 marine life animals. Tourists travel along an 83 meter underwater glass tunnel. Live sharks, stingrays, corals and sea turtles together with a whole marine ecosystem will enchant you and your entire family. The Underwater World includes the Dolphin Lagoon, where you can visit and even touch the intelligent and cute sea dolphins. This is the type of trip that the kids will remember.

The Siloso Fort is a relic from World War II. A former fortified British Naval Base, the place was built to defend the island from a Japanese attack from the sea. The huge guns are facing the sea where it was believed that the invasion will commence. Instead attacking by sea, the Japan forces crossed the Malay Peninsula and attacked the city from land taking defenders by surprise. You can visit the huge guns, the ammo depots, and even the soldier’s barracks.

No trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to the Singapore Flyer, the largest Ferris wheel in the world. Reaching a height of about 165 meters, the wheel is 30 meters taller than the famous London Millennium Wheel. Finished in 2008, the Singapore Flyer has air-conditioned bus size capsules that offer a panoramic view of Singapore Island and beyond Malay Peninsula.



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