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A Glimpse of Shanghai City



China has taken a long and interesting journey to become what it is today. Its uniqueness and appeal can only be experienced first hand, as words cannot describe how the country and Shanghai has transformed. As a first impression always matters, rest assured that you will have a very pleasant one. One reason for this is the fact that almost everything in Shanghai, from accommodation to entering fees for touristic sites, is reasonably priced.

One site that you want to visit while in Shanghai is the location where the Communist Party held its first congress. Millions of tourists worldwide have seen the site of the first Chinese communist congress and it still holds the same fascination and appeal to many more visitors from different countries. If you want to experience China’s recent history, you should visit this museum as the site is well organized and the original artifacts from the days when Chinese communists were led by Chairman Mao are on exhibit. The museum also features a wax replica of a party meeting which is a favorite of tourists.

Chinese gardens are famous for their beauty and the Yu Yuan Gardens in Shanghai are not an exception. If you want to take a walk along the paths of these gorgeous gardens travel towards the south west edge of the city. The gardens are scattered along the riverbank of Bund offering tourists the opportunity to relax while taking in the views of the Huangpu River. This is also a historic place as the gardens were built four hundred years ago as a private garden during the Ming Dynasty. They are so well preserved that the appearance of the garden is said to be consistent with the original design. Impressive due to the amount of jade statues, lakes and pavilions the gardens are a place to visit while in Shanghai.

The old riverbank of Bund is also a place favored by many locals and tourists. Stretching along the shore of Huangpu River, Bund is the ideal place to visit if you want to see the many landmarks of the city. The most amazing thing about Bund is that even if it crosses through the busy financial district it never makes you feel overcrowded, and is a relaxing area to take in the best views of Shanghai while walking along the old paths.

You cannot leave Shanghai without taking some time to do a little bit of shopping. If you want to purchase souvenirs for family and friends, take a walk along Nanjing Road which is filled with hundreds of stores and outlets. This is the most prominent shopping area in Shanghai and it is hard to believe that you will leave empty handed.

Shanghai is a great place to visit when you travel to China. While changing its face from one day to another, the city still holds its old charm reflected by its main attractions and visited by tourists each year.



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