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Important Sites to See in Kabul



Important Sites to See in Kabul View large version Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, is currently under development, trying to leave the war and its bad memories behind. As a tourist, however, you should not expect wonders, since basic utilities are still far behind in time and the new constructions have not yet taken over the entire city. The efforts done are commendable since now there are tall modern blocks and shopping malls.

Among the sites to visit in Kabul, is the Afghan National Museum, located not far from Darulaman Palace. Here, you can admire the most important artifacts found in Central Asia. However, the treasures of the place were destroyed during the bombings that took place under the Taliban rule. Some of the artifacts, especially the Buddhist collections were destroyed and some items were stolen. However, some of them seem to have mysteriously escaped and still appear at auctions in different corners of the world. The artifacts on display now are far more modest than the old collections.

Babur Gardens represent another place you have to visit when in Kabul. These gardens were built around the tomb where the Mughal Emperor, Babur, lies buried. Although the emperor wished to be buried here, his body was put into the ground at Agra and only later transported to Kabul. Locals use these gardens as an ideal spot for picnicking.

The tradition of this Afghan city is still noticeable, since there is a place called the Women Park or Bagh-e Zanana. This area has a park and a market and can only be entered by women. It was originally designed to help women sell their own merchandise. Since in Afghanistan, women are not allowed to interact with men that are not relatives, they needed a place of their own. If you are a female traveler, you will encounter no problems entering the park.

One of the important landmarks in Kabul is Darul Aman Palace. The palace was first erected in the 1920s, but was destroyed several times. Now it is an important renovation project as the building is almost collapsing. The ruins can be visited but extreme caution is advised.

Another important palace in Kabul is Bagh-e Bala. This was the summer palace of Amir Abdur Rahman, but now it is open to visitors that can explore its interiors and the park around it.

The zoo in Kabul is a main attraction for the locals but, as a tourist, you may not feel that enthralled with the sight of the animals that are kept in quite poor conditions. An important attraction of the zoo was a lion that was blinded because of a grenade, but the animal passed away.

Last, but not least, you should visit the Daoud Kahn memorial. Here, the bodies of the family of President Daoud (including the president) were found in 2008. The memorial was erected to honor them. Climbing on the small hill where the bodies were found will offer you quite an unexpected beautiful sight of the entire city of Kabul.



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