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Visiting the Tropical Paradise of Spratly Islands

Spratly Islands are an archipelago composed of over one hundred islands made of reefs, located in the heart of the southern area of the China Sea. The islands do not have all the same ruler, and they are actually parted betwe...

Khorugh and Its Spectacular Views

The city of Khorugh is a renowned destination in Tajikistan, and is located in a river valley that is surrounded by steep mountains. The views here are incredible and one of the main reasons why travelers venture to this remo...

Kandy, the Most Important Cultural Center in Sri Lanka

Kandy is a great tourist destination located in Sri Lanka and is the most important cultural center in the country since it was included as a World Heritage Site on UNESCO’s list. Kandy represents the last kingdom in Sri Lank...

Traveling on the Silk Road to Bukhara

Bukhara is renowned for the famous Kalyan Minaret, built during the 12th century. The construction served at the time as a lighthouse that guided caravans on their trading routes. The building was also used to call people to ...

Ashgabat – Where Civilizations Collide

Located in the heart of the Kara-Kum desert, Ashgabat is the most modern destination in Turkmenistan. The place itself reflects important contrasts of the civilizations that met here. The Russians built their railroads up to ...

Great Attractions in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, is the most interesting city in Mongolia, and an equally interesting tourist destination. Here you'll find some great tourist attractions, such as the great monasteries of Gandantegchelin...

Places to See and Visit in Pyongyang

The capital of North Korea, Pyongyang, which may not be seen as a top tourist destination, is a very interesting city. Because of the political environment, traveling here may prove a daunting task, but, if you ever get there...

The Future of Paracel Islands

The Paracel Islands can become a great tourist destination, if the political situation becomes clearer and the Chinese government continues their plans of constructing a tourist resort complex. The islands themselves are very...

Enjoying the Crowds on Male Island

The capital city of Maldives is called Male and is located on Male Island. The islet on which the capital of Maldives is not very large; no less than 100,000 people live here. This is one of the most crowded places in the ...

Places of Attraction in Macau

There are many places you can visit while in Macau, and one of the most important is represented by the Macau Tower. The tower is easily reached since it is located only steps away from the ferry terminal and close enough to ...