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Amazing African Destinations: Sousse



Sousse is among the oldest cities in the country of Tunisia, and is famous for having an authentic medina. This place was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and has drawn people from everywhere around the world. However, it seems that the attraction is stronger over people coming from Russia and many East European countries.

Among the places to visit in Sousse, you need to visit the Great Mosque. While located in the heart of the city, the mosque is so quiet that you will find it hard to belief that you are still in the middle of a bustling city. The mosque impresses through its simple Aghlabite style, with no decorations or other frills. The prayer room has reed mats on the floor to illustrate the austere way of living.

If you want to know more about the history of the place, you must visit the Traditional Tunisian House. In order to reach it, you need to walk around the old city. The house used to belong to an important Tunisian family, but now serves as a museum as no member of the said family is still alive. Once you enter, you will notice the open air courtyard that can be accessed from all the rooms inside the house. The curtains adorning the windows are two hundred years old, as are the German clocks on the walls.

A holy site in Sousse is Ribat, which used to be the home of reputed Islamic warriors. The place is similar to the one that sheltered the Hospitaller Knights in Rhodes. There is a watch tower here where you can climb in order to enjoy some amazing views of the city.

Some activities can be quite pleasurable in Sousse. If you want to try some golfing, you will have to travel to Kantaoui or Monastir where you will find some reliable courses. Maybe the most popular activity is still shopping as the medina also includes a souk that is much preferred by locals and tourists alike. The vendors speak about any language such as English, German or Spanish, so it is quite easy to speak to them and tell them what you are looking for.

Outside the souk, you will find Soula Centre where you can see the prices for all the important goods they have on sale. While almost any item is quite cheap, you will have to haggle in order to get a decent price as it is a common practice among the vendors to quote some outrageous prices. If you just want to take a look, let the vendor know about it and, also, if you do not want to buy something make sure to politely refuse saying that you have no more money. It is very important to understand the customs of the place, so you do not turn your experience into a bitter one. After all, you are on vacation and, even if you spend a little too much on a souvenir, you should not take it too hard.



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