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The Valley of 1,000 Hills and More

Durban is the largest port city in South Africa, which has a special lively atmosphere that you will not experience in the other cities in the country. This is one place where you will experience a multiplicity of cultures th...

Visit Durban and Discover the African Paradise

Durban is a very important city in South Africa; it is also one that is developing at amazing speeds. The beaches here are really wonderful, and entertainment is great too. There are many activities one can indulge in, such a...

Johannesburg - More Than the World Cup

The mention of Johannesburg has been closely associated with the World Cup and is what easily comes to the minds of many people in the recent past. The World Cup indeed brought more attention to the city, but it was already a...

A Place to Watch Animals and Birds - Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is one of the most important parks, not just in South Africa, but also in the entire continent. The park was established in 1898 and covers an area of about two million hectares. It starts from the Sa...

Reasons for Considering A Cape Town Vacation

Cape Town, located at the farthest south western point in Africa, is often referred to as the gateway to Africa. Cape Town is the point where many of the early settlers entered, which means that it was the first place they co...

Take a Trip to Johannesburg, the City of Gold

Johannesburg was once an important hub for the gold mining industry, which is why it is also called the City of Gold. Its financial wealth makes it one of the most important cities in all Africa. Shopping malls, skyscrapers, ...

Why Go to Cape Town on Vacation

Cape Town is considered to be a very romantic destination for honeymooners or for loving couples looking for a place to spend a wonderful vacation. The city's natural beauty is surrounded by the spell of the ocean and the maj...

Enjoying a Great Trip to Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is situated in South Africa, but it attracts visitors from all over the world. As a game reserve the park is home to numerous species of animals and their variety is so astonishing that millions of travel...