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Start Your Moroccan Adventure with Marrakesh



Marrakesh is a popular tourist destination in Morocco. Emperors lived in the fabulous Moroccan city. Tourists will find the place rich in places to go and things to see. Marrakesh's atmosphere, history, and people are all good reasons to include this adventurous city while in Morocco.

Strolling on the streets of Marrakesh will inevitably take you to the areas well known for traditional shopping. The shops here are called souks, and trade is done in the same way as it used to be done centuries ago. The people will try to lure you into purchasing manner of items, from snake charmers to mint tea, a very refreshing drink after a few hours in the hot Moroccan sun.

There are many wonderful things to be purchased from the many souks found in the commercial part of Marrakesh. Here you can buy beautiful scarves made of natural silk, hand-crafted shawls, jewelry made of gold and silver, traditional rugs, and tadelakt bowls. Marrakesh is known for having the largest traditional souk market in all Morocco. A little shopping in this area of the city will give you plenty to share with the folks back home.

When you are searching for a place to stay in Marrakesh, you should know that the city offers all types of accommodations for the traveler. You can choose between luxurious five star hotels, quiet resort locations and traditional Riads. The latter can be found mostly on the outskirts of the city. These offer a wonderfully relaxing experience. They are not only quiet, but conveniently located as well.

Riads are homes with inside gardens. Many such places can be found in Marrakesh. The most popular Riads in the city include such places as the Mandarin Oriental, Hivernage Hotel and Palais Medhi. If you are planning a trip to Medina, you will find Villa Dar Zina a very nice place to stay.

Besides shopping in the Souk district and staying in traditional riads, there are many other ways to enjoy Marrakesh. The Nikki Beach is very popular among travelers. Its laid back, yet sophisticated atmosphere appeals to even the most pretentious guests. Go to the beach and spend at least one day under the palm trees while enjoying the breeze and the exotic perfumes that are distinctly Marrakesh.

A cool ambiance for the younger crowd can be found at Pacha. This is the right place to go if you enjoy nightlife at its best. Renowned DJs play at clubs in the area, but music is not what the place is all about. If you wish to enjoy Moroccan food, this is the place to go. Once you try it, you will surely not forget it. The Moroccan cuisine is widely appreciated, so be sure to sample a few of the menu items offered at fine restaurants throughout Pacha.



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