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Morocco Travel Guides


Popular Attractions In Fes

Whether you spell the name as Fes, Fez or Fas (Arabic), this beautiful Moroccan city still has its special magic. This is the third-largest city in the country, which is situated by the Atlas Mountains’ foothills. There are s...

Never a Dull Moment in Casablanca

A visit to Casablanca will give you a sense of nostalgia because of the vivid French background that blends in with the modern Moroccan city. Casablanca is a modern city that still retains the charm of a relatively small town...

Tangier: the Gateway to Morocco

Set on a bay that overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar, Tangier offers great views of the southern coast of Spain, among other special attractions. In this brief guide, we are going to focus on some of the attractions that make...

What Rabat Has to Offer

Rabat is located at the center of the Atlantic coastline in Morocco and is the country’s administrative and political capital. The city was established as an Arab army outpost, which is the source of its name. Ribat basically...

Experience Tangier, the Gate of Morocco

Tangier is considered to be a veritable gateway to the country of Morocco, and is a fascinating place in itself. Here, tourists have come for many years because of the city’s exotic feel and many attractions. The city can be ...

Reasons to Visit Rabat

Morocco is an exotic and fascinating country with many interesting cities to see and where tourists come yearly to enjoy a little bit of Moroccan magic. Rabat is among the best tourist destinations in Morocco, and the capital...

The Colors of Fes and Its Main Attractions

Fes is a city of many colors, and the noise here can be quite overwhelming if you are not used to the way people love to live here. Still, this is a very largely appreciated tourist destination with plenty of things to see an...

Short Travel Guide to the Legendary Casablanca

Mostly known because of the movie carrying the same name, Casablanca is one city in Africa that is certainly worth visiting for its beauty and exotic feel. The city is abundant in places to see as a tourist, and even just wal...

Marrakesh Tourist Guide

Marrakesh is undoubtedly one of the places to consider when you are planning for an adventure vacation. In order for you to have the best opportunity to spend your time wisely in this city, and indeed, the whole of Morocco, t...

Start Your Moroccan Adventure with Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a popular tourist destination in Morocco. Emperors lived in the fabulous Moroccan city. Tourists will find the place rich in places to go and things to see. Marrakesh's atmosphere, history, and people are all goo...