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Asmara, One of the Most Beautiful Cities in Africa



Asmara, One of the Most Beautiful Cities in Africa View large version The capital city of Eritrea, Asmara is situated at 2,432 meters above sea level, which makes the weather here quite pleasant for an African city. The climate is easier to deal with than the one in Massawa, located on the coast. During the winter nights, temperatures can go as low as five degrees below zero Celsius and can reach 35 degrees Celsius during summer days.

Walking on the streets of the city can be quite a nice experience, since you can admire the Italian building, exhibiting their colonial charm, scattered among traditional houses. The cultural heritage of the capital city of Eritrea is very important and easy to notice through the most notable landmarks in Asmara. One is the Catholic Cathedral, erected by the Europeans that came here; another is Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque, reflection of the religious faith shared by many locals; and last, but not least, is the Enda Mariam Coptic Cathedral.

If you go to see the Catholic Cathedral, you will also be able to visit the souq district, where local vendors sell their goods. In case you need to buy groceries, there is no better place to be since the people here sell all kinds of things, from vegetable and fruits, to spices, eggs and chickens, along with non-edible merchandise such as clothing, ceramics or furniture. The local workshops are a must see when you happen to walk around the market district.

Asmara has a great reputation as being the tidiest city on the entire African continent. The atmosphere is laid back, the air is clear, the streets are clean and everywhere you go you will see many palm trees. All that make this place feel like paradise on earth. Asmara is truly a pleasant city, which is why, if you ever travel to Africa, don’t forget to make a short stop to the capital of Eritrea, one of the most beautiful cities on the entire continent.

The best time to arrive in Asmara is during a clear day, when you can take in the surroundings at ease. The neighborhoods are always quiet, the cafes serving Italian coffee are always welcoming and you can have a pizza or eat a piece of delicious pastry while you watch the world go by. The architecture is something worth exploring as well, and you will surely enjoy the weather since the sun shines here for eight months out of twelve.

Economic and political changes have affected this beautiful city, so much so that the people no longer engage in living a life of luxury. However, you can still see the beauty of this place since the atmosphere of an Italian town is still easily noticeable. Your trip to Africa should include Asmara in one of your routes.



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