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How to Enjoy the Resort Life in Hurghada



Hurghada is truly an amazing place. It only took several years for the locals to raise the area to a real full scale resort where tourists are treated to paradise. No less than two hundred hotels were erected, along with shopping venues and lively nightclubs. Because of the warn weather and the fast development, the area is now called the Red Sea Riviera, and there is no such thing as an off season. An interesting fact about Hurghada is that the resort life is complimented by offering tourists the chance to try the traditional experience tourists if they want to visit the old community still living on the same grounds.

The area is famous for the wide array of water sports you can try out. Windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling, and fishing are just a few of the activities tourists can get involved in while spending holidays in this wonderful resort. Divers will be able to embark on a great experience by visiting the underwater gardens which are considered to be the most amazing in the entire world. If you are not that much into diving, you take a boat carved out of glass and watch the fish and the coral reefs through the floor.

Hurghada only recently became a destination for tourists. Its name is derived from Al Ghardaka, which people in the area say was the name of a legendary tree that fishermen used as a meeting point with caravans traveling north. The place was discovered by enthusiastic divers that used to build their camps directly on the sand.

It took years until the large hotel chains arrived at the location. Nowadays, there are hundreds of hotels of different stars and ratings that welcome tourists from all around the world. No matter what kind of accommodationsyou are looking for, the hotels here will surely deliver.

Almost two million tourists visited the Red Sea Riviera in 2008. The direct competition that Hurghada has had to face is another famous resort, Sharm el Sheikh. Still, Hurghada is considered to be larger and offers lower prices than its competitor. Besides tourism, the population in Hurghada is involved in industries such as mining, fishing, and construction. The atmosphere is very cosmopolitan with many foreigners employed here including Russians, Germans, and British. The population is constantly rising due to the development of the area and the flourishing economy.

While being a very popular destination in Egypt, the fame of Hurghada passed years ago. If you want to travel to Egypt and see more attractions it is very easy to do so by using Hurghada as a home base. This is one of the reasons why many choose Hurghada outside of the resort life.

Relaxing activities are also offered to travelers that are not in search of extreme experiences. You can spend a great deal of time at aqua parks, bowling, or golfing on the resort courses. There is always something to see or do at this Red Sea resort and you will have a vacation you will never forget once you are here.



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