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If you would like to experience a distinct African atmosphere in Egypt, then Aswan city is your destination of choice. This is an ancient Egyptian city that was formerly known as Syene, and is the sunniest southern city in the country.

You will find it easy to explore the city on foot because of its relatively small size. The nearby Nile River adds a beautiful setting to the city. Although you can see the Nile in different parts of Egypt, it certainly has a more attractive setting in Aswan. This is a great place to relax because the life in the city is itself slow-paced and relaxed. You can enjoy your time in a floating restaurant as you eat fresh fish.

Aswan is where ancient Egypt got large quantities of granite that was used in constructing several monumental projects. This is where you will find the only remaining unfinished obelisk from that early time. The city has played an important role in the history of the country.

Due to its strategic location, armies from different nations have used it at different periods. In addition to housing ancient Egyptian garrisons, the city also served the troops of General Kitchener, as well as those of the Romans and Turkish soldiers from the Ottoman empire. A garrison of the Egyptian army is still located there.

Aswan was also an important commercial center. It was from here that the ancient people shipped their merchandise downriver to the areas where the pharaohs were constructing temples and other monuments.

Get the unique opportunity to see the Nile River winding its way beautifully through the desert and granite rocks. You can also have an even closer experience by taking a Nile cruise that gives you the opportunity to see both the ancient and modern faces of Egypt. Enjoy the scene of palm trees and other tropical plants.

Visit Lake Nasser whose formation contributed towards the increase in the population of Aswan. This is the largest man-made lake that resulted from the construction of the Aswan Dam, which is itself one of the popular attractions in the city.

There are a number of temples that were moved to protect them from destruction during the flooding of Lake Nasser. UNESCO volunteers moved the Kalabsha and Philae temples. The latter was the last structure constructed in the classical Egyptian style. At the outskirts of the city is Abu Simbel that houses two important temples that were cut stone-by-stone and reconstructed here.

Get a taste of the ancient life at the Cultural Center where Nubian musician and dancers perform every night. They perform Nubian mock stick-fight dances as they recreate scenes from ancient village life.

The Souk, or street market, is another popular destination where you will mingle with different types of people and buy items that will help you remember your visit to Aswan. Although the Souk is well known for spices and perfumes, there are many other things you can buy here. Just perfect the art of haggling to save money!



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